I love gardening and for the last 16 years as a Mum I have usually had a companion or two at my side. Here you will find posts about gardening with children as well as gardening in general. There are tips to keep little hands busy and beginner tips for you if you are starting out on the horticultural road as well as photo posts of my favourite seasonal plants/jobs/garden fun!

If you would like to join our gardening club please follow the #TSGardenClub hashtag on Twitter, ask me for an invite to our Gardening with Kids Google+ Community or for an invite to my Gardening with Kids Pinterest Board. You can email me at, please join me in the potting shed!

What Can I Use This Biscuiteers Biscuit Tin For?

I have a serious tin habit. I drool over tins both vintage and new and find them very hard to resist. Once they have been emptied of their contents they are repurposed to hold cakes, buttons, sewing paraphernalia, toys, craft materials, fabric, wool and more. They... read more

Simple Things – Spring Springing and Earth Hour

There’s been an annoying virus thing hanging around the place at Thinly Spread but this weekend we threw it off and sank into the Simple Things which are guaranteed to make us feel better. Spring is really getting into its stride and on Saturday the garden... read more

Rosehips on A Kitchen Table – Seasonal Recipes

Emails asking me to review things tend to remain at the bottom of my ‘to do’ list for longer than is seemly. I’m not a gatherer of things so I think very carefully before I agree to anything – this time, however, I pinged a reply back so... read more

Simple Things – Bubble Wrap, Lentils and Plotting

I started recording our Simple Things last week, this week our Stuff Which Costs Nothing But Is Actually Priceless has included playing with packaging, looking closely at the everyday and doing a bit of plotting. I think that most people know that to a toddler a big... read more

The Ecover Garden at RHS Hampton 2013

On Monday I attended the preview evening and gala dinner at RHS Hampton Court Flower Show as a guest of Ecover, on Wednesday I was back again with Mr TS – I keep pinching myself to see if I have died and gone to heaven! There is no way I can fit everything into... read more

To Hampton Court Flower Show with Ecover!

If you’ve been visiting for a while you will know I have a bit of a ‘thing’ for gardening. I waffle on about my own a lot and I enjoy sharing our visits to others. Last year I worked with World Vision and followed their Chelsea Flower Show Garden... read more

Green Plant Swap – A Brilliant Idea!

Today I’m showing off my garden again and telling you all about Green Plant Swap – I may be a bit over excited! I plant a ridiculous number of seeds, I can’t help myself, planting season starts and I’m like a demon. Then, about six weeks later... read more

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