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Making Christmas Baubles for Festive Friday!

The lurgy has struck and DG and I have been knocked off our feet by it this week, I’m trying to look on the bright side – at least it should be over and done with by Christmas! On the plus side, we’ve managed to do a bit of gentle crafting together... read more

Handmade Christmas – Painted Flower Pots!

Another recycled craft using food cans! This time I’ve been crafting with handmade Christmas gifts in mind. I love how these turned out, they brought a little touch of Spring to my kitchen! If you are giving these as a Christmas gift you can tie some Christmas... read more

Advent is Here! – Festive Friday

Welcome back to Festive Friday. If you haven’t entered your Back to Basics Festive Family Photo to win ¬£100 worth of John Lewis vouchers, you have one more week to do so; get a move on! This weekend sees the start of advent, tomorrow we are going to see the... read more

Recycled Crafts – Christmas Lanterns from Food Cans!

I love recycled crafts and upcycling ‘rubbish’ and I adore anything which involves getting my tools out and twinkly candle light! This is a craft for older children, adults or both together!   You Will Need washed and dried ring pull tins acrylic... read more

Christmas Craft – Toilet Roll Carollers

Here’s a quick and easy Christmas craft to use up toilet roll tubes! I’ve made these before and this year’s trend towards a slimmer tube did cause me some consternation, but I think the mix of stouter and skinnier carollers works well! You will need:... read more

Oink Oink! The NatWest Piggy Banks for Kids are back!

I was delighted to hear that NatWest are relaunching their Piggy Banks to encourage children to start saving; my lot were so fed up when they opened their bank accounts years ago and found that they had been discontinued! (In fact, I think one of them is a bit miffed... read more

Trick or Treat? Bah, Humbug!

I’m not a fan of Trick or Treating, encouraging children to obtain treats with menaces seems like storing up trouble to me! I do, however, love Halloween – it marks the beginning of the light festivals which offer us flickering warmth, glitter and glow as... read more

How to Build a Mini Den – Easy After School Craft

Morrisons have teamed up with Play England to provide a selection of simple activity ideas to keep your children busy without costing the earth. They may well be heading back to school now after the long summer break, but children still spend most of their time at... read more

A Homemade Kite and a Crafty Competition with eBay!

We picked our first blackberries last weekend and we could almost see those cool, sunshiny autumn days peering over the horizon. I love autumn with its tumbling colours, harvest fruits, crisp mornings, welly boots and gusty wind. It’s time for me to do some... read more

On Your Marks, Get Set, Go! – Olympic Crafts

With the Olympic Games and the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee coming up fast and with rain pouring from the sky all weekend¬† it seemed an ideal opportunity for a bit of crafting. I tried to come up with something that they could all have a go at if they were around and... read more

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