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Quick Craft – Tree Topper Angel

You know you’ve brought your family up well when one of them goes to the shops to buy a jar of emergency sweet spread, notices a bottle of squeezy honey and buys that one ‘because it’s a good shape Mum, I thought we could make something with... read more

My New Pom Pom Maker!

I bought a Pom Pom maker yesterday, how rock and roll am I? This makes me incredibly happy, so happy in fact that I burst on to Twitter last night to announce my purchase. I didn’t think for a moment that others would be interested, I was just doing the usual... read more

Gifts From the Larder – Festive Friday!

This week I have been writing a few present lists and thinking what to give to family and friends. Things around here have been fairly frugal as we fight our way through recession so I am looking for small gifts which say ‘we love you’ and show some effort... read more

Paste Resist Batik for Kids!

With the summer holiday sky doing its thing and pouring with rain at regular intervals we have turned to crafting, baking and making and doing. This craft is one I first did with a class of 30 children during my first teaching practice 20 years ago and have done at... read more

Is It Raining With You? – Something for the Weekend!

The startling sunshine and heat of the early days of this week morphed rapidly into torrential rain and muggy nights. Bonus Boy was a bit twiddly fiddly so we decided to make a feely box – cheap, cheerful and lots of fun for everyone! We found an old shoe box... read more

Tea Cup Posies – Quick Upcycled Craft

Walking past the gorgeous new florists which has opened in our town last week I was very taken with the posies she had arranged in tea cups, buckets and baskets. I am currently very short of cash and I couldn’t justify splashing out but the idea stuck in my... read more

Making A Marble Run – Something for the Weekend!

Bonus Boy spent a lot of time last weekend constructing a marble run out of boxes and tubes and LOTS of sellotape. He had so much fun! He started with a plan (not compulsory but he is very keen on maps and plans at theĀ  moment!) He then gathered together his resources... read more

Pass It On! – A Chance To Grow

Maggy at Red Ted Art and Josie at Sleep Is For The Week are running a crafty meme to spread the word ahead of the Vaccine and Immunisation Conference in London on June 13th where we have a chance to persuade world leaders to save 4 million lives in 4 hours. These... read more

How to Make Paper Boats

Maggy mentioned her watery theme for this month’s Get Crafty, of course I thought sailing! We miss it so much and can’t wait until we get the opportunity to return to the sea – mad as it is – so, here you go, how to make paper boats! I bought... read more

Something for the Weekend – Easter!

Welcome to Something for the Weekend! The linky for your family fun posts is down there at the bottom of the page. It’s the Easter weekend at last and Mr Thinly Spread has FOUR DAYS OFF! We are giddy with excitement as, due to work shenanigans, he hasn’t... read more

Quick Craft – Recycled Bunting

I am not a Royalist, if anything I have Republican leanings but Commoners marrying Princes? Street parties? Glitter and Sparkle? It’s the stuff of fairy tales and I have small children in the house! Time to Get Crafty! We have started with a little bit of... read more

Magpie Monday

I have been reading the lovely Magpie Monday posts over at Me and My Shadow over the last few weeks and keep meaning to join in, so here I am, joining in! I love charity shops, fetes, junk shops and auctions and am always looking to pick up a bargain so this is right... read more

Something for the Weekend – Mini Boffins

For this week’s Something for the Weekend I shall be donning my white coat and glasses, ruffling up my hair mad professor style (doesn’t take much!) and setting up some scientific experiments with my mini boffins. We are celebrating the end of this... read more

Silent Sunday

Silent Sunday. One image. Taken by me. This week. No words. Click on the badge above for... read more

Something for the Weekend – Spotting Spring

With the appearance in our playroom of a peacock butterfly, celandine underfoot in the fields, catkins dangling and crocuses in abundance it is clear that Spring is here! Last week we started planting vegetable seeds to get the season off to a good start, this weekend... read more

Quick Craft – Chinese Dragon

Bonus Boy was so happy when he got home from school yesterday because it was warm enough and light enough for him to go out in the garden with his bubble sword! The wind was also obliging and allowed him to blow some absolute whoppers! When he came in all ruddy-faced... read more

Candlemas – Last Day of Christmas!

Today, Christmas officially ends! The end of the festive season is marked by Candlemas Day, the day baby Jesus was presented by his doting parents at the Temple. It is absolutely the last day to take down any remaining decorations! It is also the mid-point of winter... read more

Quick Craft – Paper Roses

The shops are full of real and fake red roses in anticipation of Valentine’s Day and I really fancied a bunch in the kitchen BUT the prices at this time of year are eye watering (and I don’t like buying flowers out of season which have flown hundreds of... read more

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