One of the things I enjoy about the long winter months is curling up on the sofa with a good magazine and there are LOADS of new ones around at the moment. The front cover of ‘Making’ magazine (‘beautiful crafts for your home’) caught my eye back in October and I fully intended to make these beautiful flowers with my daughter then…

…but I got distracted, as usual, and it wasn’t until we refound it, blew the dust off and made sure her little brother was busy elsewhere, that we finally got round to some crafting together.

how to make melted fabric flowers

To Make Fabric Flowers

You will need a selection of fabrics such as satin, chiffon, polyester (stuff which will melt a bit) and a tea light candle. We chose fabrics in complimentary colours but you could mix them up a bit and, next time, we probably will!

Make sure you are working in a well ventilated area as some of the fabrics give off fumes when you burn them. We worked next to an open window and nearly got hypothermia!

Draw around something circular (we used an egg cup this time but we’re going for mugs next time because I want a nice big brooch) and cut out lots of circles of lovely fabric. Each of our flowers is made of 5 circles.

Light your tea light and hold a fabric circle above the flame, turning it as the edge melts. We experimented a bit and lost a few which went too far before we were happy with the effect. We held the fabric with a small pair of wooden tongs which we usually use to remove stubborn items from the toaster.

Stack your circles together, we used two fabrics for each flower and alternated them in the stack. Put a small circle of felt on the back of the stack and a button or bead on the front and sew through the whole lot. The felt is useful if you want to add a brooch pin or hairclip as it gives you something more solid to sew to.

Et voila!

I showed these off to friends on-line and discovered that something spookily similar appears in Red Ted Art’s new book courtesy of my lovely friend Liz at Me and My Shadow! She offers a fabulous tutorial with photos on her blog so do mosey on over there for a look!

We will be reviewing Maggy’s wonderful new book over the next few weeks and are VERY excited at the prospect…pre order a copy now!

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