Blogging has taken me to some remarkable places and has introduced me to some amazing people, many of whom have become firm friends. On a recent trip to London I spent a happy day in a kitchen to die for with one of the nicest groups of bloggers I have ever encountered.

I was invited by Finish Quantum to spend a day cooking with the diminutive and very beautiful Florence Knight , head chef at Polpetto in Soho.

We whipped up Tiramisu by hand as  Florence doesn’t believe in using machinery. I am a big fan of slow cooking but would have worn sleeves to cover my bingo wings had I realised. It did result in a light deliciousness which is not always achieved by machine but I would need a kitchen full of sous chefs like Florence has to achieve it at home…oh, hang on…I have! Result!

We chopped herbs, onions and garlic and chatted about food, blogging and cameras.

I avoided the whole octopus for obvious reasons, enjoying my fennel and almond salad enormously while giggling a bit at Helen’s face as she bit into a tentacle. I was disappointed when Florence forgot I would need a main dish (a hurriedly thrown together tomato salad is not very filling) but I thoroughly enjoyed the tiramisu.

Burrata cheese was my discovery of the day, creamy, delicious and very rich it made an attractive starter combined with blood oranges, oregano and sharp lemon juice to cut through. Burrata is a surprising by product of the massive mozzarella industry and combines offcuts of cheese with cream to create a tasty treat.

In between courses, chatting and picking up some new skills we were whisked off to sit in front of a camera to talk about dish washing and dishwashers.

I found that I had a surprising amount to say about dishwashers and may have rambled on a bit. With six of us in the house, and a frankly unbelievable amount of food being consumed, the dishwasher is my luxury.  I was genuinely surprised that the gel tablets made a noticeable difference in my wash, the machine itself gleamed, spinach had been removed rather than being scattered liberally over everything else and it even dealt with cheese sauce on my wooden spoons. To be able to put everything away without a rewash is a real boon to me.

All photographs courtesy of Charlotte Tolhurst

Finish paid me for my time and sent me some dishwasher tablets to trial, I was not required to write a positive blog post about the product, all words and opinions expressed are my own.

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