Tuesday 25th February sees the launch of Save the Children’s campaign to end newborn deaths. It is the next step along the No Child Born to Die road which so many bloggers, including me, set out upon with the charity back in 2010 – the long-term campaign has seen bloggers fighting for vaccinations and health workers, writing about nutrition and breastfeeding and has seen blogging produce incredible results.

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The world really has made amazing progress in saving children’s lives over the past two decades. Thanks to global action on vaccines, family planning and treatment of childhood illness, the number of children who die each year has halved from 12.6 million in 1990 to 6.6 million in 2012 and Save the Children’s social media campaigners have helped drive so much of this change.

But it isn’t enough – not while 2.9 million babies a year never reach their second month of life – there is more to do. Our new campaign aims to end first-day deaths as we believe that no-one should have just one #firstday and a lack of political focus on newborn deaths is blocking us from being the generation to stop all preventable child deaths.

Join Us For Our #FirstDay Twitter Chat

On Tuesday 25th February I’ll be co-hosting a #firstday twitter chat with @savechildrenuk from 1 – 2pm to launch the new campaign, to make some noise and draw political attention with our voices as we have done so often before. I hope you will join us and Nigerian midwife Catherine who will tell us what a baby’s #firstday is like in remote health clinics in Nigeria. Many of the parent blogger networks will once again be there, adding their voices to the campaign and supporting Save the Children.

2014 gives us a unique opportunity to make change happen: For the first time ever, countries and institutions around the world will sit down to agree the Every Newborn Action Plan. We need to make sure world leader’s know the world is calling for them to take action on this. It’s time to make some noise!

Join us to talk about the favourite first days you and loved ones have had – was it a first day as a parent, at school or a new job or the first day of being a brother or sister? Can you remember that excitement and trepidation as you set foot on that first day of another step on your life’s journey?

Our hashtag is #firstday, please join us!

#firstday, newborns, save the childrenImage Credit: Colin Crowley/Save the Children

How Else Can You Help End Newborn Deaths?

I’ll be writing more on launch day with full details of how you can help either as a blogger or as a reader and especially as a social media campaigner.

If you are a blogger and you want to join in this huge shout please email me (c.mosler@savethechildren.org.uk) or leave a comment below and I will send you a blogger kit with images, links and information (including information about our #firstday blog hop!) so you can help us get this campaign off to a flying start.

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