I’m sure most of us are aware of how much food we waste every week, salad leaves which were crisp on Monday and limp by Wednesday, soft fruit bought too close to a sell by date which turns into some strange fluffy creature in the fridge overnight, packet herbs which we use once and don’t get around to using again until they’ve gone all dry and mouldy.

7 million tonnes of food is wasted per annum in the UK and according to the waste and recycling advisory body, reported in The Guardian, 4.4m tonnes of that is avoidable, it is food which could be eaten. While I try really hard to use up the food we buy I still find myself adding things to the compost bin which really should be in our tummies. This is why I am delighted to have been asked to try out the Foodsaver Fresh Preservation System.

FoodSaver Fresh Preservation System - vacuum packed food preservation

The FoodSaver claims to keep food fresh up to twice as long as conventional storage methods such as zip lock bags, cling film and containers and I am going to spend the next few weeks putting it through its paces to see how it performs. Today I am introducing you to the Foodsaver Fresh and showing you how well it has performed over the last few days but I am going to follow this review up with a FoodSaver Challenge, monitoring how well it performs over a longer period and comparing it directly to my usual storage solutions. `

So, How Does the FoodSaver Fresh Preservation System Work?

It’s super simple! The FoodSaver vacuum packs fresh food, removing all contact with air. Air is the culprit in the rotting process so removing it keeps food fresh for longer! My compact machine sits happily on my surface and I can use either the clear plastic containers or bags to store left over food and fresh produce which would spoil quickly if stored using my conventional means.

The vacuum head adjusts easily to the size of container being sealed, a green light tells you you’ve done it right, you press the start button and it does its thing quickly and efficiently, switching off automatically when it is done. The FoodSaver Fresh comes with the appliance itself plus one 700 ml container and 5 0.95ml zipper bags to start you off. More containers are available in different sizes and you can purchase more bags if you need to. Everything is easily washable and reusable. There is a removable reservoir in the head which collects any excess fluid when you are storing liquids making it easy to clean.

What Do I Think of the FoodSaver Fresh Preservation System So Far?

I have to be honest, when I was asked to be an ambassador I did think ‘I’ve already got plastic tubs, not sure I need more’ – I was WRONG! I’ve only been using the FoodSaver Fresh for a few days and it is already proving its worth.

It’s very simple to use and easy to store, it’s not bulky or flashy, it just does its job and does it well. The clear containers stack easily in my fridge and I can instantly see what I have and what needs using up. The different sizes of container available means I can easily store a wide variety of foodstuffs both fresh and cooked making meal planning much simpler.

What Have I Used the FoodSaver Fresh For So Far And How Did It Do?

  • I love an avocado but don’t usually want a whole one to myself for lunch – look at the difference between the avo I stored in a bowl with a plate on top last night and the one I vacuum packed with the FoodSaver!

What to do with the leftover half of an avocado

  • Lemon for our evening G&T – on the right the one I stored loose in the fridge, already drying out, on the left the one I stored in a FoodSave box – still moist and ready to go! Usually I slice off and discard the dry bit – no more! I’m expecting to see a lot less wastage from now on.

How to stop lemons from drying out - vacuum packed preservation system

  • I’ve stored leftover mash (I got carried away with the potato peeler), tofu and vegan cheese and so far I am very pleased. I can already see that the FoodSaver is going to reduce the amount I throw away and is going to save me time and money.
  • I quite often cook a meal with half a tin of pulses and store the remaining half in the fridge, those pulses need eating up fairly quickly and I very often don’t fancy butter beans again just a few days after I last had them. The FoodSaver extends that freshness period up to two times longer and I am not going to end up with a cup of mouldy beans glaring at me.
  • I’m also thinking how useful those bags will be to store nuts and seeds which start to go rancid pretty quickly once they are exposed to air – Mr TS and I keep turning to each other and saying ‘Oooh…it will be great for….’! We’re already pretty impressed.

So – What Next?

I am going to be using the FoodSaver every day for the next two weeks and reporting back on the 4th December to tell you how I got on. Is there anything you would like me to test? 

FoodSaver Fresh Home VAcuumn Food Preservation System

FoodSaver are working in partnership with FareShare the charity working to fight hunger and reduce food waste and have pledged to donate 25,000 meals, read more about that initiative here.

The FoodSaver Fresh Preservation System is currently available at £78.78.

This is a sponsored post. I am working as an ambassador for FoodSaver but am under no obligation to provide a positive review. I’m impressed that they have the confidence in their product to encourage me to really put it through its paces. Words and pictures are my own. 




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