Bonus Boy (Yesterday, trotting happily out of school): We can dress up as something funny tomorrow Mummy!

Me (distracted, rummaging through handbag for a tissue to wipe his nose): Oh, yes, it’s red nose day isn’t it?

BB: Yes Mummy (jumps up and down a bit) I’m going as a tin of baked beans

Me (lost for words, splutters a bit)…

BB: All we need is some silver, we can wrap it around here (demonstrates) and then fill it with orange bean shapes and put a label on and it’s done (looks up at me expectantly, grinning, very pleased with himself)

Me (weakly): But, we haven’t got any silver, and it’s tomorrow and you’ve got swimming tonight and…I love that you have such faith but…

Passing Teaching Assistant (Over hearing and taking pity on me): Perhaps you could come in orange as a single baked bean!

BB (doing the ‘are you mad?’ look): No, I need to be a whole tin.

All the way home he explained how simple this costume would be and how funny it would be if he could just dole out beans to people all day and, of course it would! We had a long chat about how difficult it would be to spend the day as a tin can, how hard it would be to sit down or go to the loo and then we came up with a compromise. His teacher had actually said that they could go as something funny or in red.

Red Nose Day 2013

He has red trousers, red boots, red jumper, red nose, red hat and he’s funny. Sorted. Bean tin next year for sure!

Bloggers have come together again to support this year’s 25th Comic Relief. Team Honk visited Ghana to see where the money is spent and how much has been achieved over the last quarter of  a century of fundraising, Snowdon has been climbed, bikes have been ridden and people are fund raising in all manner of ways. As of this morning, Team Honk’s Snowdon challenge had raised £5664 and the main Team Honk Page another £2728  making a total of


all raised by bloggers! Isn’t that incredible?! Tonight Annie, Penny and Tanya along with my gorgeous friend Gemma will be in the audience at Television Centre. I wouldn’t be at all surprised if they made ‘an appearance’ and I shall be watching out for some serious Honking.

How fab would it be if we could smash through that £10 000? That would really show the power of blogging. It would show how big the hearts are in the parent blogging community and what can be achieved when people come together. Please dig deep and give what you can, Bonus Boy gave £1 this morning, his face as he carried it in was an absolute picture.

50p or a £1 on its own won’t do much but, combined with the 50ps and £1s from the rest of us, look what it turned into!

Donate to #TeamHonk For Comic Relief, Thank You!

And, because it is Comic Relief, here is a picture of me and Helen from The Crazy Kitchen ‘doing our thing’ just for good measure!

Crazy Spread Do Comic Relief

There may be video footage too, donate to Team Honk and I’ll see if we can find it 😉

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