Half term passed in a whirl of social activity and revision. Surprisingly the weather wasn’t bad so we didn’t spend much time crafting indoors apart from on that one torrential day when Bonus Boy asked for modelling clay and we spent a happy hour making mini monsters. When the sun came out we moved outside and carried on! This is one of those perfect garden crafts! He felt that our apple tree needed a sun sprite so up he clambered, clay and tools in hand!

gadren crafts

I am holding this little chap solely responsible for the fabulous weather we have been enjoying ever since he took up residence! (Bonus Boy was quite impressed to see that I can climb trees too when I clambered up to photograph his master piece, obviously I have not been climbing them enough recently and shall rectify that ASAP!)

garden crafts

Our girl has gone away so we have hidden a few little folk around the garden for her to find when she returns to our waiting arms! This is a flower fairy made using a biscuit cutter

garden crafts

This one is a tree sprite with hair made from Bonus Boy’s whittlings (more about that to follow!)

garden crafts

and this little imp is nestled in the wall!

garden crafts

I love crafts which everyone can join in with whatever their age or skill level and I really love garden crafts. I can’t wait for my girl to come home and find these, I suspect she will be adding one or two little people of her own. They have dried completely in the sun and I am hoping they will survive a downpour but, if they don’t, we can make some more!

We used DAS air dry modelling clay in terracotta, it is available on-line and in good art shops everywhere!

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