With the mornings getting lighter and the evenings becoming longer, spring is well and truly upon us. If you are anything like me, this means getting outside and doing a spot of gardening!

But when it comes to breathing new life into your outdoor space, what can be done? Here is a quick guide with some gardening tips on how to make your garden an Eden.

Create a vegetable patch

Although some believe a garden is for relaxing and unwinding, others feel this space should be put to good use. So, why not create a vegetable patch and reap the rewards your garden can afford?

It doesn’t have to be very big or require much maintenance, but can be extremely rewarding and is a great way of getting kids to learn about veggies and get excited about eating their greens.

Plant a fruit tree

Another food-based possibility is to plant a fruit tree. The most common choice is an apple tree, but other options include pear, plum, fig, and medlar trees.

Fruit trees can be bought in a container or bare-rooted, but you’ll need to make sure its potential size won’t annoy the neighbours or become too much to cope with.  This is my young cherry tree in blossom last year – gorgeous!

Cerry Blossom

Update your garden furniture

There is a good chance you’ve already got some garden chairs and a table, but these can start to look tired quite quickly and will be the first thing guests notice when you’re entertaining.

Thankfully, garden furniture sets are available in all manner of styles and designs. From classic wooden chairs to ornate garden tables, the possibilities are endless.

Install a water feature

In addition to being an attractive focal point, a water feature can also make any garden feel much more peaceful due to the soundtrack of water gently trickling and splashing in the background.

However, if you’re worried about water consumption, you may also want to install a water butt, which will collect rainfall and can be used to give your plants some added nourishment.

Add some colour

It might seem like an obvious step, but adding a bit of colour with some summer-flowering bulbs will definitely add to your garden’s overall aesthetic.

While you’re at it, consider painting the fence to match or compliment your newly sowed seeds. Just remember to start planting soon!

So, instead of redecorating or updating the interior of your home, go outside and make sure the garden looks in tiptop shape before summer rolls around.

This is a collaborative post.

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