Oh we’ve had so much fun! GoPro asked us to review their new GoPro Hero3+ video camera along with a selection of mounts and cases – including a waterproof one; I can’t tell you how happy this made me! I’ve been trying to capture our sailing by hanging over the side precariously with my iPhone, now I can bolt the GoPro Hero3+ onto a stanchion, the back stay or halfway up the mast with less possibility of ending up in the water and watching my family sail away without me!

But it has been so much more than that. Chest harnesses mean that I have video taken by the children from their point of view, from the back of Bonus Boy’s best friend’s dog and that we have Sandwich Cam courtesy of Teen 1! Trees have been climbed and bicycles ridden, we have leapt into the sea and explored our familiar places in a a whole new way. The GoPro Hero3+ puts the viewer right into the heart of the action, it makes the ordinary extraordinary and captures family moments like nothing else can. Every family should have one!

Along with several other bloggers we were set a series of 10 challenges to explore all the GoPro’s possibilities.  A full review of the GoPro camera, app and editing software will follow very soon, in the meantime here is our Summer Highlights video to show off what it can do – we had a blast! I hope you like our video as much as we enjoyed making it – I’m also hoping GoPro like it and decide to send us to the GoPro Mountain Games in Colorado next Summer – how amazing would that be?!

If we had had the camera earlier in the summer (we only had it for the last week of the holiday) I would have been able to show you sailing with dolphins, body boarding and so much more but that will all have to wait for another #GoProAdventures moment very soon! We have so many plans to make the most of this marvellous bit of kit – Mr TS is keen to attach it to a kite, I want to do some more underwater filming and there will naturally be a lot more sailing, but it’s the children who will come up with the best plans so watch this space!

What would you do and where would you go if you had a GoPro Hero3+ camera?

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