Today I’m showing off my garden again and telling you all about Green Plant Swap – I may be a bit over excited!

I plant a ridiculous number of seeds, I can’t help myself, planting season starts and I’m like a demon. Then, about six weeks later I find myself the proud owner of enough plantlets to start a nursery and only a very small plot of ground to put them in. My husband tuts, my children roll their eyes and I frantically fill pots with compost and every space with flowers and veg, ‘See?’ I declare wild-eyed, hair sticking on end ‘There is space! I’m not mad. It’s under control’ and they point to more trays, filled with more seedlings all striving to be the best little plant in the plot.

Trouble is, I love them, I can’t throw them on the compost when they have tried so hard to live. I can’t ignore their potential to be a delicious salad or a beautiful arrangement or frozen to reappear on the table in the depths of winter. I give some to friends and family but there are always a few left, all forlorn. There are only so many tomatoes we can eat, only so many beautiful cosmos one small garden can hold.


And then I look around at my fledgling cutting garden and I realise that it is missing something, that it’s too muted, that I need an injection of colour. I’m trying hard to budget and save and there isn’t a pot of gold to plunder.

BUT… Green Plant Swap have come up with a BRILLIANT idea! It appears I am not alone in my need to offload the evidence of my addiction or my desire for new plants straight from the grower. The idea behind Green Plant Swap is simple, I list myself as a grower and the plants I have to offer and people can either buy them off me or swap them with me for something else. Simple.

Green Plant Swap is in its infancy but I think it has huge potential. I have plants I can propagate by division, seeds I can sew willy nilly, cuttings I can pop into pots…I LOVE creating new plants for free and the knowledge that I can swap them with other like-minded people warms my heart! (I’m also quite keen on making a few pennies from this addiction so I’ll be giving that a go as well!)

I will be taking softwood cuttings from my beautiful lavenderlavender

and from my Sedum Purple Emperor, it has gorgeous deep purple leaves and these exquisite pink flower heads and is a fabulous addition to the border. I need more of them and I suspect other people will want them too!

sedum purple emperor

I’m going to try softwood cuttings from this Spiraea Magic Carpet but I’m also going to divide it this autumn, it’s not really in the right place and is getting a bit swamped, I love it’s light golden leaves tinged with pink at this time of year. It will throw up its gaudy flowers shortly and then the foliage will deepen in colour as we head for autumn, I suspect this one will be a popular swap!

Spiraea Magic Carpet

This Erysimum Sweet Sorbet (I think, it could be Bowles’ Mauve, I can’t remember which one I planted where!) brings me such pleasure, it goes on flowering forever, right into early winter and makes great cut flowers.

erysimum sweet sorbet

I’m going to take semi hardwood cuttings from this one in a few weeks time and try to raise some more of these beauties, as you can see, they are very popular with the bees!

bee on erysimum

Another plant which brings me joy but is planted in the wrong place is this Photinia Red Robin so I’m going to take semi ripe cuttings in late summer/autumn and try to grow some more, one or two for me and the rest to swap or sell!

photinia red robin

I have lots of Nigella Love In a Mist which I have grown from seed, they may well be my first listing

nigella love in a mist

and I have LOTS of these Aquilegia, I have no idea which one they are, if you know please tell me! I’m going to save seed this year and plant them up to list next spring. I may also list them for swapping now and offer to dig them up and pot them ready for collection!


My garden is beautiful at the moment and I’m really looking forward to sharing a little bit of it with other enthusiasts and to restocking it from other people’s collections – and I get to have a nosy around other people’s plots too!

yellow poppies in the late spring garden

I’m in the process of setting up my Grower Page at the moment and I’m finding it all very exciting! Why don’t you join me in the Green Plant Swap revolution? It’s free to use and, once you’ve signed up, it is easy to see who is swapping or selling what in your local area. It also has a fabulous A-Z plant search directory, I can look up a plant I’m after and see who is offering for swap or sale near to me. The directory is packed full of photographs and, once in there, it is very hard to leave! I have a list of ‘wants’ as long as my arm now! Go on, go and look, it really is fabulous!


I will describe the processes of propagation and getting yourself more plants for free to swap or sell over the coming weeks. If you have any questions do ask and I will attempt to answer them myself or get one of my lovely gardening expert friends to do it if I’m stumped!

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post, I wrote it because I am genuinely excited about Green Plant Swap and because I think you will be too (if you garden, if you don’t I hope you will just enjoy the photos as usual and a little jaunt around my plot!)

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