Heinz have asked us if we would like to take part in their ‘Grow Your Own Tomatoes’ challenge this Spring – well of course we said yes! We grow our own every year so to make this challenge a little bit more exciting for my lot we have decided to grow our own ketchup. Look at him, he’s half tomato already!

grow your own tomatoes

We were sent a lovely red wheelbarrow (‘Look Mum, I can park it absolutely silently’), gloves for him, seeds, a plant pot and some ketchup to get us going, all presented in a lovely crate which I got more excited about than is seemly.

Taking advantage of a rare bout of warm sunshine at the weekend we filled some pots with peat free multi purpose compost and tucked a little seed into each one.

grow your own tomatoes

They have taken their place amongst the other seeds on my bedroom windowsill and are being tended lovingly every day by Bonus Boy and Darling Girl – the older boys will get involved at ketchup time, they’ve grown more tomatoes than they care to remember!

The seeds Heinz have sent us are a variety which we haven’t grown before called San Marzano which is a plum shaped Italian tomato and has been bred  for cooking. We will also be growing tumbling toms in hanging baskets and some Gardener’s Delight as usual so it will be interesting to compare results from the three varieties.

If you want to join in with us, Heinz are launching an interactive, educational app over on their facebook page offering free tomato seeds, tomato trivia and a fun game for all the family. We will be looking to see how other families are getting along!

If you want some detailed planting instructions have a look at this post from last year which gives you a point by point beginner’s guide.

I do hope you’ll join us on our quest to grow some ketchup!

Disclosure: We were sent a crate full of goodies as described above, if we blog our progress Heinz will send us a hamper full of Heinz goodies as a reward. To be honest, we would’ve been writing about growing tomatoes anyway so this is just an added incentive with a sprinkle of extra fun thrown in. And…a Heinz Hamper…I have teenagers, this is their idea of heaven!


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