I do love a Christmas hamper, it is one of my favourite things to give to friends and family and I have made many myself over the years so I was chuffed to bits to be asked to review a Harrods Christmas Hamper – but which one to choose?! I spent a happy half hour in late October browsing the hamper selection on the Harrods’ website while family members tried to influence my choice in the background. I ignored them, there was something totally irresistible in the Grosvenor Hamper and I had to have it!

From the moment the box arrived on our doorstep (delivered by a postie who was trying really hard not to look impressed and failing miserably) I was in love. All my doubts that it couldn’t possibly live up to the hype were chipped away as we explored the hamper and sampled its contents.

Bonus Boy’s eyes lit up when he saw the cardboard box it all arrived in – there is no better present than a cardboard box for a small boy and this one is a cut above the rest!

Harrods Christmas Hampers

Opening the cardboard box I carefully lifted out the wicker hamper with its debossed lid – I was so excited, imagine how it would feel to be opening this on Christmas morning!

Inside the lid, in gold lettering, there’s an inscription which reads: Lifting the lid on an exclusive Harrods food hamper is like opening the doors to Harrods legendary food halls. Offering an inimitable selection of the finest gourmet foods from around the world, Harrods invites you to enjoy the ultimate gastronomic indulgence.


The Grosvenor Harrods Christmas Hamper

Inside were layers of Harrods deliciousness waiting to be discovered, all nestled in little beds to keep them safe on their journey to us.

Harrods Grosvenor Christmas Hamper
Harrods Grosvenor Christmas Hamper

Now the excitement was really building – the third layer contained the thing which had swayed me to choose the Grosvenor Hamper over any of the others we were offered…can you spot him? Shh, don’t wake him with your squealing!

Harrods Christmas Bear

That bundle of fluffy gorgeousness all zipped up in a jolly red Christmas cardigan is Benedict, the 30th annual Harrods Christmas Bear and he’s OURS! Here he is, sitting guard over our Harrods gourmet Christmas collection.

Harrods Grosvenor Christmas Hamper

Of course I wanted to save it all for Christmas, but it’s not much of a review if we haven’t tasted the contents and I just show you pictures, is it?! You can look at lovely pictures on the Harrods website but I’m guessing that, like me, you want to know whether it’s worth it; if it really is that good. So we invited friends over and gave the hamper contents the once over.

We started with Cranberry and Clementine Mince Pies, washed down with a cup of Spiced Omni-Grind Coffee. I am not exaggerating when I say that silence fell at the first bite and by the second I was looking up Harrods mince pies on their website to see how much it would cost me to order some more for Christmas. These buttery, fruit filled pies are, honestly, the best shop bought mince pies I have ever tasted. The orangey clementines and the tart cranberries are a perfect match and we all wanted more. I was wary of the coffee, not being a fan of spiced drinks which are usually overdone and sickly, not so this one – a rich Arabica coffee with cinnamon, hazelnut and chocolate flavours just drifting through meant that this was festive but not overpowering, it didn’t catch the back of my throat but meandered smoothly down – perfect.


Harrods Mince Pies

Likewise the Spiced Black Loose Leaf Tea – a lesson in the gently understated in flavourings, less is definitely more and I was very impressed as were my tea addict teens. This will be our cup of choice on Christmas morning (I’ve banned any more taste tests until at least the beginning of December!)

The Christmas Mustard is unlikely to make it through to December unless I hide it from both myself and Mr TS. Infused with green peppercorns and spices and with a hint of honey this is an indulgent delight and has popped up on crackers with brie and in my creamy mustard sauce with wild mushrooms served over truffle filled pasta – it’s gorgeous!

I’d be hard pressed to choose between Winter Spiced Biscuits with Golden Sparkle and Honey and Clementine Biscuits with Golden Sparkle but luckily I didn’t have to as a box of both is included in this hamper, hoorah! An all butter biscuit is hard to beat anyway but when you add black treacle, sultanas and mixed spices in the first, and sweet clementine and honey in the second before sprinkling them with gold you’re on to a Christmas winner in my book!

Benedict was happy that the biscuits were out – he’s a bear, he went for the Honey and Clementine while I tucked into a Winter Spiced with this particular cup of tea.



Harrods Christmas Bear

Shall I toss a coin on Christmas morning with heads for Spiced Pear and Madagascan Vanilla Jam on my toast and tails for Tangerine Marmalade with Orange Liqueur or shall I just give in to the indulgence and have two slices? The jam is flavoured with cinnamon, cloves and Christmas spices and is packed with fruit while the marmalade is more orangey than an orange with a liqueur spiked kick. Delicious.

Now, let me tell you about the confectionery included in this box of delights. I’ll just start here…

Harrods Gold Bar

Did you gasp? We did! Willy Wonka would be green with envy. A gloriously decadent milk Chocolate Gold Bar. I don’t think I need to say any more do I?

Moving on (have you stopped drooling?) a box of Golden Cocoa-Dusted Almonds and a tin of Salted Caramel and Ginger Fudge are exactly what you would hope they’d be. Plump almonds are generously dusted with cocoa and edible gold glitter and they slip down a treat while the combination of salted caramel and ginger in a meltingly delicious fudge is inspired.

That just leaves the Classic Christmas Pudding which we have yet to steam and sample and, if the rest of this hamper is anything to go by, we are in for a treat!

The Grosvenor Harrods Christmas Hamper is everything you would expect and more. I love that it is a gift which keeps on giving – mince pies, chocolate and fudge won’t last long but your recipient will be thinking about you while they spread jam or marmalade on their toast, mustard on their sandwiches or sip a cup of tea or coffee well into the New Year. The beautiful Harrods Bauble and Benedict the 30th Anniversary Bear will make an appearance every Christmas and, if you or they are anything like us, those beautiful tins will pop up too!

This is a truly lovely Christmas gift for someone special – if you have a loved one you can’t be with, or know someone who needs Christmas magic in a box or if you just want to indulge your family this season I can thoroughly recommend the Grosvenor Christmas Hamper from Harrods.

My daughter and I are visiting London together to see the Nutcracker in December and we are going to pop into Harrods to replenish our hamper with all the bits we’ve scoffed so that we can have all that joy all over again on Christmas Eve!

Harrods Christmas Hamper

We were sent a Grosvenor Hamper from the Harrods Christmas Hamper Collection for the purposes of this review – all words and exuberant enthusiasm are mine. The Grosvenor Hamper retails at £175 – is it worth it? Yes and no one is more surprised than me that I came to that conclusion! Everything about it from the packaging to the products shouts quality – it’s a real treat.

If you’re worried about all that polystyrene in the packaging, don’t be, I always reuse it as crocks in the bottom of my pots when I’m planting seeds and plantlets out in the garden – broken up they make great drainage material! 

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