Today I held my first live Google Hangout, I am planning a series of Make and Do with Thinly Spread showing you some of the things I have done with my children over the last 16 years which have helped them along their way. We’ve either picked up on things they’ve covered¬† in school, embedding knowledge and allowing room for questioning and development which there isn’t time for in the classroom or we’ve gone off on a tangent and explored a question they have asked or developed an idea which they have come up with. I really hope this series will encourage parents to play together and learn together and I have some exciting things in the pipeline!

Today’s hangout saw me talking with Rosie about aerodynamics and exploring the science of flight using paper planes! (apologies in advance for the few seconds towards the end where my camera seems to have had a turn and switched itself off – you can still hear me but not see me briefly, probably no bad thing!)

For more paper aeroplane design ideas have a look at My older children were paper aeroplane mad and have passed on their enthusiasm to Bonus Boy. Be warned, once you start you can’t stop, so make sure you have a supply of cheap paper or, ideally, recycle old bills/letters/stuff you’ve printed and don’t need and give them free reign!

My top tips would be

  1. Don’t think you have to know all the answers, it is fine to say ‘Let’s find out’, that in itself encourages learning and shows children how to find information. It also throws up more questions and ideas which can only be a good thing!
  2. Keep it simple. Have a starter activity, throw in a question and let them lead you. If they need encouragement make a suggestion.
  3. Show, don’t tell. Play and learn together, don’t just impart knowledge, share the experience and have fun.

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