I do love an Easter parade, I like all the pagan undertones as the bonnets with their bunnies and chicks and all the symbols of new life, fertility and abundance adorn heads across the land! We make Easter bonnets and crowns every year so it is becoming a challenge to come up with something new. Last year we went for traditional straw boaters with pom-pom critters, this year it’s all about Spring flowers!

Easter Crown, Easter Bonnets

This Easter Crown is very easy to construct. At its heart is a piece of cardboard cut from a cereal box the right size to encircle a head. I covered the card with grass-green felt taller than the cardboard and cut triangles into the felt to make grass spikes. I then covered it with a darker green felt and cut grass spikes into that too to give a feeling of depth to my Spring garden. A selection of pom-poms in various sizes and colours made the flowers. I stapled the felt on with staple legs facing outwards so they don’t stab the wearer – the staples are then hidden by pom-poms glued on with PVA.

Et voila – The Easter Garden Queen!

Easter bonnets, easter crown

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