Tomorrow, 15th March 2014, marks THREE YEARS of conflict in Syria. THREE YEARS of lost childhoods.

My eldest was 14 when it started, he’s now 17 and about to sit his A Levels before leaving for Uni, I’m proud as proud and my heart is aching

T and R

My Second Born was 13 when it started, he’s now 16 and about to sit his GCSEs, he’s one of the kindest people I know, he’d do anything to help, he makes me laugh, he knows when I need a hug

O for Syria

My daughter was 11 when it started, she’s now 14, she dances and sings through life, she’s on the cusp of womanhood, she’s my friend, she drives me mad, I love her company, she has a heart of gold


My Bonus Boy was 5 when it started, he’s now 8 and his legs are long, he’s sensitive and thoughtful and full of joy, he makes our family complete

R for Syria

Just because it’s not happening here doesn’t mean it’s not happening. Three years ago the parents of children in Syria thought things would just carry on carrying on. They didn’t.

Join me, Save the Children and people all around the world as we stand vigil for Syria. Let those parents and children know we have not forgotten them, that we care.

How Can You Help?

Donate your social media profile, join the vigil for Syria


Make a donation to help Save the Children carry on helping the children of Syria as we would wish people to help us.

Share the Second a Day video – it’s shocking – it hammers the message home – it makes people sit up and take notice in a world where we are losing our humanity. Please. As I write this the video has been seen 25,841,193 times, it has gone totally, magnificently viral, it is making people stop and see.

We see you parents and children of Syria, we care.

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