The startling sunshine and heat of the early days of this week morphed rapidly into torrential rain and muggy nights. Bonus Boy was a bit twiddly fiddly so we decided to make a feely box – cheap, cheerful and lots of fun for everyone!

We found an old shoe box and I made a hand sized hole in one end. Bonus Boy rummaged in the fabric box and found a piece of black fabric which he cut to size and stuck as a curtain over the hole.

He then filled the box with a variety of objects with different textures and shapes and popped the lid on before scurrying off to find his first victim.

Darling Girl bravely plunged her hand through the curtain and attempted to identify the object she picked up.

Bonus Boy danced around her with sparkling eyes and little squeals of excitement. Finding the sand paper, stones and the tin foil were fine but she jumped out of her seat when she found this rubbery little devil!

What have you got planned for this weekend? Have you got any rainy day standbys to keep them occupied?

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