I’m distracted, I admit it. Christmas is taking over. Family Thinly Spread have a new venture and it is diverting my attention. We are writing a newspaper recording the elvish antics of the little fella who has moved in with us for the duration.

So far he has been caught perusing unsuitable reading material.

Elf on the shelf

Yes, I know the title is misspelled, we suspect that there are pesky pixies at the printers too!

Yesterday he was found, prostrate, in an empty mince pie box

Elf on the Shelf

And this morning? Well – it has to be seen to be believed!

elf on the shelf

For a full report head on over to Elf Daily. If you have any elfish antics and goings on we should know about you can follow us on Twitter @RudeOlf, email us admin@elfdaily.com or leave a comment over there. We are featuring a selection of antics in Rude’s RoundUps and we are having such fun!

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