As the summer holidays draw to a close and we are running out of steam it is all too easy to while away these last few days with the boring ‘getting ready for school’ stuff and to forget we have a few precious days left to enjoy each other before those school gates slam once more.

Morrisons have come up with a whole set of videos each containing an activity which costs little or nothing to do and will keep your children busy and happy in the run up to school.


They include everything from bubble blowing to making a wormery, den building to grassheads but the idea which caught our imagination this week was the Dreamcatcher.

We haven’t made dreamcatchers for ages and I really love the idea, suggested in this video, of using an old bamboo blind as the base for the dreamcatcher circles. If you haven’t got an old blind have a hunt around for anything which you can make into a circle and have a go. Children love the idea of dreamcatchers hanging over their beds, helping them to sleep soundly. This is a really good idea for children who are nervous about going back to school or about to start it for the first time and a lovely thing to do in this last week!

We used a metal wire circle we found in the lane outside our house and which has been waiting for just this opportunity to be made into something special. A handful of ribbons, feathers and thread, some buttons and beads and we were ready to go! Most of these are recycled from gifts we have received or cost pence to buy – a good source is your local fabric shop, they often sell off bags of ‘scraps’ for a pound or two and the charity shop is an Aladdin’s cave for the crafty crafter!

We added some tinkling bells and whispered a wish into the heart of our catcher. For full instructions watch the Morrisons DreamCatcher video.

What plans have you got to make the most of these last few days of summer?

Disclosure: I am working with Morrisons as one of their ambassadors this summer

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