The time is now rapidly approaching when my children will begin to spread their wings and soar from the nest or flap uncertainly out into the big wide world. This isn’t the bit of parenting filled with helpful advice from people who’ve done it before, this is the bit where we are supposed to advise and support our children with very little personal knowledge of what it is actually like out there now in 2014 and it’s quite scary truth be told.

Helping your teen to find work

When I left school and headed to Uni, with everything I owned packed into the very small boot of my Mum’s Fiesta, I went with a full grant tucked into my belt and I went being absolutely certain that my degree would lead to work when I was done. When I emerged three years later and headed to the bright lights of Bristol I was literally tripping over jobs in the street with temp agency boards littering the pavements. I hopped from job to job for a year or so (my favourite was in a bookshop where I got to read all day!) before settling on a career in teaching.

My children don’t have that luxury and I need to be able to guide them through the next few years as they decide whether an enormous student loan is worth their investment and as they face a very difficult job market – with over one in five young people aged 16-24 (21% of them) out of work it’s not easy and it’s a daunting prospect.

That’s why I was pleased to hear about the charity vInspired and their FREE Job Jumpstarter Pack which is launching today!


The pack has been created to help parents to prepare their children for job hunting or university applications. It offers simple but effective tips from how to make an application to practice interview questions, all based on insight from businesses across the UK and what they are looking for from prospective applicants. The pack will help young people looking for work to boost their chances and help them to present themselves to their best advantage when looking for jobs.

The free pack contains:

  • CV templates and tips to make a great first impression.
  • An interview checklist, test questions and answers to come across as confident and competent.
  • Application form advice to get noticed for the right reasons.
  • Advice on building a LinkedIn profile to build networks
  • How to get voluntary experience through vInspired, giving young people the experience to get their dream job
  • Plus inspiring real life stories from people who’ve been in their shoes, online awareness advice and more


Simply Visit to get yours today or share this with a friend and help young people get off to a flying start.

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