Sparkly pom pom

I bought a Pom Pom maker yesterday, how rock and roll am I? This makes me incredibly happy, so happy in fact that I burst on to Twitter last night to announce my purchase. I didn’t think for a moment that others would be interested, I was just doing the usual ‘over sharing on social media’ thing but…oh my word…there is a Pom Pom Posse out there! The response was, frankly, astonishing and I promised that I would vlog the Pom Poms today to show how easy it is and to debunk the myth that circles of cardboard are all you need. These are fast, simple and totally unfiddly and we are going to be bursting at the seams with Pom Poms this yuletide!

The first video shows me making a pom pom:

Then he got in on the act…he’s cuter than me so I thought you might like to see how he got on!

See? Child’s play!

So…ideas please! I shall have a lot of pom poms at my disposal, what shall I do with them all?

Cathy’s Robin can be found at NurtureStore where you can find loads of ideas for play and craft

The ‘Maggie’ mentioned can be found at Red Ted Art, a wonderful source of inspiration for all things crafty and creative

I bought my pom pom makers in a shop but they don’t have a web shop *gasps* so I’ve hunted them down on Amazon for you!

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