WOMAD was a stepping stone festival for us as a family. It was the one where we needed an extra tent, bigger than our pup tent, as Teen 1 was bringing his girlfriend with him! Eek! Big parenting moment right there! An email the week before asking if we would like to review the OlPro Knightwick 3 berth tent couldn’t have been better timed!

Mr TS couldn’t join us until the Friday so it was up to me, four teens and a seven year old to make camp. As I was struggling with swathes of nylon and cussing under my breath trying to bash metal pegs into solid ground with a child’s tool box hammer (what was THAT doing in the camping essential bag? What happened to a mallet?!) Teen 1 and his girlfriend were effortlessly putting together the Knightwick – all cool and collected and no swearing at all.

OlPro Knightwick 3 berth tent

I did contemplate popping an extra child in with them as it was a 3 berth but decided that was probably a step too far. I settled, instead, for making sure they were camped right next to us and I could keep a caring eye on them rather than stomping all over them with my Big Momma boots πŸ˜‰

There was lots of room at the front of the Knightwick to shelter from any passing rain and to store rucksacks and provisions. The sleeping pod was very roomy for two and would have accommodated two adults and a child or three adults on roll mats, I think three blow up beds would’ve been a squeeze. When it was up I realised I had missed a trick – I should’ve claimed it for myself and Mr TS and popped all the young people into the big tent! Pah!

OlPro Knightwick 3 berth

Picture courtesy of OlPro

One huge benefit of this tentΒ  is that you can put the fly sheet up first if it is raining which keeps your boudoir nice and dry – unlike mine which went up wet thanks to a kind passing rain cloud. (It appears that when you shout ‘Quick get all the stuff under the fly sheet’ as you are hammering pegs in that people actually hear ‘Quick get your stuff under the flysheet and leave the bedroom pods out in the rain along with all my belongings.’ Nice.)

As we relaxed into the weekend having an extra tent to mark our territory really came into its own and I brought home some very happy memories of sitting together as the sun went down, chewing over the day and planning the evening and of sharing breakfasts as the sun burned through the early clouds.

camping with children

Bonus Boy loved having an extra big person around and when she wasn’t there he was asking where she was! Thursday and Friday saw blazing sunshine and I envied the OlPro’s ventilation with two opening doors and a window which funnelled air in from all sides; our big old tent is very difficult to vent and we get driven out of it very early once the sun gets into its stride.

OlPro Knightwick 3 berth tent, small family tents

But it was on Saturday night that this tent really came into its own. As some of us were dancing in an embarrassing way to the glorious sound of Nano Stern for the second time in as many days the storm clouds formed over Wiltshire and the heavens opened.

womad 2013

We weathered it with umbrellas and artfully draped rugs but in the end we had to return to bed. Our tent was leaking in various places and we spent the late evening moving chairs around to avoid being dripped on and trying to get a small person to settle. I sent a text across to the OlPro to see how they were faring:

Me: Are you somewhere dry?

Him: We ran back to the tent, we’re eating apples and hiding from the rain

Me: We’re in ours now too. Lovely weather. Ours is leaking we’re all moving in with you, ok?

Him: Um, if you like? We’ll clear space

Me: It’s ok, we’re strategically placed around drips

Him: Ok, well H’s busily clearing up so I won’t tell her you’re not coming

Cheeky devil!

In the morning all their stuff was bone dry, much of ours, and of those in tents around us, was dripping wet. We packed ours up damp, they packed theirs up dry and I came to a decision.

OlPro Knightwick 3 berth tent

It’s time for a new family tent, we no longer need our massive ‘everybody in one space’ behemoth especially when it has sprung leaks and I struggle to put it up without a lot of help. I was very envious of the OlPro, it was neat, well designed and it did the job it was supposed to do, I shall be looking at the rest of the OlPro range to see which tent or combination of tents would fit our family as it grows!

If you like the look of the OlPro Knightwick it is on offer at the moment at Β£109 and, if you order before 29 August, you can claim 40% off the Lodestar Festival in Cambridge. With a big increase in the number of people choosing to stay in the UK and spend their holidays under canvas OlPro also have a lovely selection of camping and glamping accessories, if you pop over to Cat’s lovely Yellow Days blog you could have a bash at winning this lovely melamine camping set!

OlPro Melamine camping set

Picture courtesy of OlPro

You can read Liz at Me and My Shadow’s review of OlPro’s coordinated camping and picnic ware here and Annie’s review of the OlPro Knightwick here


Disclosure: We received an OlPro Knightwick 3 berth tent for the purposes of this review. All words and pictures are mine unless stated otherwise.

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