With the Olympic Games and the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee coming up fast and with rain pouring from the sky all weekend  it seemed an ideal opportunity for a bit of crafting.

I tried to come up with something that they could all have a go at if they were around and if they wanted to. There had to be glitter involved somewhere because it has been at least three weeks since it was last out and that is TOO LONG!

So first up, we had a go at making some glittery golden Olympic rings


We drew the rings in black pen on white paper and then placed cling film over the top. Next we traced over our rings with PVA glue. It took a steady hand but we wanted a trail of glue which we couldn’t achieve by just painting the glue on. If you are doing this with younger children do paint it on to avoid frustrated tears. Cover the rings with gold glitter and leave to dry completely. Shake of the excess glitter. If you have trailed the glue on you can now peel them off and stick them onto a window, otherwise stick the whole thing onto the window and be done with it!


Next we had a go at making some lanterns as the Olympic Torch is coming through our town next month (I find this far more exciting than is usual for me!)

This one is easy peasy for little ones to make. Simply coat an old jam jar with PVA, tear up tissue paper into little pieces and cover the glue with a patchwork pattern. We went for red white and blue, obviously, but we are now thinking we may make a whole selection. It would be a good opportunity to look at some of the flags of the Olympic Nations and make lanterns in those colours too!

We used acrylic paints brushed onto a jam jar for this easy lantern for older children. If you want to do it with younger ones you can paint the colours onto a cork or bottle lid and they can print onto the glass (square sided jars are easier to use if you do this)

Finally, this Union Jack stained glass window (with deliberate mistake, can you spot it?) is made using one of those plastic fronts which imprison toys until children let them out of their boxes and glass paints. We drew a very rough and ready outline with gold relief paint, drawing it on paper first as we did for the glittery rings, and let it dry overnight before filling it in with glass paint using a brush.

If you are doing this you need to make sure that each section of the flag which you are going to paint is surrounded by the relief paint so that the colours don’t bleed into each other.

I have a feeling this will not be our last Olympic and Jubilee craftathon. I have been eyeing up Union Jack napkins in our local shop, I think they would make easy bunting for kids. That reminds me….! We made bunting for ‘that’ wedding last year, a little bit tongue in cheek but very jolly!

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