We’ve been crafting like crazy, he can’t get enough of it and I am not going to say no! This one started very simply and adapted itself to his needs.

You will need: A few cotton wool balls, cardboard, glue stick, googly eyes, match sticks

We decided we were short of a spring lamb in our Easter decorations so I blobbed glue all over a piece of green paper in a vaguely cloud/lamby shape. He meticulously filled it with cotton wool balls.

It took a lot of concentration.

Once the basic outline was complete we decided it needed googly eyes (everything does) and matchstick legs. He wanted to put two eyes on and we had a bit of a chat about predators and prey and how sheep had one eye on either side of their heads as all prey do. He turned the paper over and said ‘Easy, we just do the same on this side’, so we did. This is why I suggest you use card if you’re doing a two-sided sheep because ours is a bit floppy on paper.

He drew an arrow so we didn’t lose track of where the head was and then we stuck on the eyes and legs.

Then we cut him out and showed off a bit about how clever we were. Hey presto – Cotton Wool Lamb!

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