I see a lot of blog posts about invitations to play for young children – a selection of materials to tempt them in, fire up their imaginations and keep their little fingers busy but it’s just as important to offer invitations to play to older children and adults. A selection of craft materials, found objects or a tray of gloop on the table ready when they come home from school encourages them to create and explore, allows some wind down time and makes space for conversation and discussion about their day. Sometimes they ignore it, and that’s fine, but more often than not they don’t. What would you make with this little lot?
Homemade Christmas Wreath
As we’re heading towards Christmas it was pretty inevitable that the hoop would become a wreath but it could just have easily have been a wintery mobile or a Christmas crown. I like that it has a hint of the dream catcher about it and that the pom poms are carefully positioned in a symmetrical pattern – where have the messy years gone?!
We began by tying ric rac onto the top of the circle so we would have something to hang our wreath from when it was done. Then we glued ric rac onto the bottom –  two short pieces and one long one. Next the pom poms were arranged and rearranged and rearranged again until we were happy and we started gluing them into place. Next came a bit of running around and rummaging in the craft drawers for more small blue pom poms when we realised that our original pattern didn’t quite fit so we adapted it but FORGOT TO CHECK WE HAD THE RIGHT NUMBER OF POM POMS FOR THE NEW PATTERN! Luckily, we did, so all was forgiven. We added some glittery snowflake stickers to the ric rac at the bottom of the hoop and, voila, one homemade Christmas wreath! It looked lovely on the blue felt and we were tempted to glue that on too.  
homemade christmas wreath
Christmas Wreath Making
But then we hung it on the door to our back stairs in the sitting room and it looked right at home there.
Homemade Christmas Wreath
I love this door which hides a very battered old staircase in the oldest part of our 350 year old house. It is to the left of our large stone fireplace which now houses a woodburner but clearly used to be home to a roaring open fire. The undersides of the stairs are charred black and they need a lot of careful repairs before they can be galloped up – it’s one of those jobs which hasn’t made it to the top of our very long list as we do this old place up! I’m not sure whether this wreath will stay where it is or whether it will shimmy off somewhere else for the festive season. It does look very at home behind the yacht though, don’t you think?
A Nautical Christmas Theme

We are Bostik Bloggers and were sent a box full of craft materials and glue – the plastic hoop was really useful but you could easily make this with any small hoop or cut out a hoop of cardboard and decorate that! Have a look at the #bostikbloggers hashtag on Twitter and Instagram to see what the other crafty bloggers have been up to and what they did with the hoopy thing! The lovely Cathy at Nurturestore has published a book containing a year’s worth of ideas for invitations to play – how brilliant is that?!  I’ll be adding more of our invitations to create for older children and grown ups here on Thinly Spread – why don’t you leave an invitation to play on your table today and see what happens?  bostik bloggers

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