Sailing season is almost upon us and I’m beginning to sort the boat out for the adventures ahead! I’m scrubbing it down, setting it up, restocking the cupboards, wiping off the mould and wondering what might be in the tins whose labels have fallen off. I’m looking at our all in one waterproofs and checking for mildew, making sure we have enough hats, gloves and thermal underwear for the summer – for this is often the reality of sailing holidays in UK waters, we’re all about the glamour! Going for a wee in full waterproofs while the boat is leaning at an improbable angle isn’t the easiest of things, it always raises a laugh when I get thrown out of the toilet with my dungarees still at half mast – so dignified! Hence my browsing First Choice as the rain comes down and the wind gets up!

sailing holidays

I love UK sailing, don’t get me wrong, but as my children grow and with my boat now bristling with teens I’ve been looking at sailing holidays abroad where they could show off their skills and introduce their mates to the joy of the open sea without the unpredictability of the English weather – I would love to take them with a friend each to experience sailing in the Mediterranean where the sun beams down, the sea is deep and blue and the days are long and easy!

My sailing experience is often one of mild panic bordering on hysteria as I try to keep everything on an even keel (!), make sure all are fed and that there will be something to do once we hit landfall so this line over at The Yacht Week caught my eye!

Living on a yacht is a simple way of traveling and we make your trip as easy and relaxing as possible. Your skipper will take you to hidden caves, calm lagoons, the perfect spot to cliff dive and many, many more places.

See that word? RELAXING. The idea of being on a holiday where I don’t have to do all the planning sounds heavenly, it’s something I have never done! And then a thought crept in, a quiet, whispering but persistent thought – what if I could gather together all the people who have been living vicariously through my blog? The ones who are dreaming of sailing adventures and gin and tonic, of lying on sun drenched decks, of diving into the ocean and swimming with rainbow fish? The ones who don’t fancy wet weather gear and choppy seas? The ones who want to pack a swimming costume, a sarong and a toothbrush? The ones who want to relax? The ones who need a break?

What if I could take you all here?

First Choice, the yacht week, sailing holidays

Picture by Ivan Zovko

There’s room for 6 – 12 of us, we can have a skipper or I can take the helm and we can sail away! Partying on the beach, cliff diving or just drifting along, spending time with friends, what say you? Isn’t it a simply delicious dream? Would you like to sail away with me?

sailing holidaysPicture by Ivan Zovko

If you could gather your friends up and whisk them away from it all what sort of adventure would you choose for them and can I come too?

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