Today I’m sharing a bit of our sailing life, which I haven’t done here for AGES and, oooh, exciting things are afoot! We were chitter chattering over a glass or two of chilled white a few weeks ago and the upshot was that we have decided the time has come to sell our boat! Chiron is our third sailing yacht and she has been an absolute star, I hope whoever is lucky enough to sail her next loves her as much as we have but, after four years of tremendous fun, it is time to move on and we have already begun the hunt for our next water chariot – SO EXCITING! So, while we still have her and before the next one enters our hearts, I want to share some of our summer sailing adventures on Chiron both as a record for us and because so many of you have shown an interest in it over the years!

This weekend we headed off on a short sail to anchor off Studland in the shadow of Old Harry Rocks for a couple of days messing about in boats. It is the most glorious spot,

Old Harry Rocks, Dorset

Bonus Boy spent most of the weekend in the sea, jumping off the back of the boat and swimming around it – happy as Larry!

Swimming off a Jeanneau Sun Legende

We blew up the dinghy and motored onto the beach – I love doing this, we can pick a quiet bit, well away from the crowds who gather near the café, and relax as the evening approaches. But I don’t think there is anything I love more than sitting on deck as the sun sets, watching the stars come out and spending time with my nearest and dearest. I think, when Mr TS was surreptitiously taking this shot, BB and I were looking up inflatable canoes on line – we really fancy a pair! Either that or I was instagramming the sunset!

Sailing life, evening at Studland

I cooked up a veggie chilli for dinner and, as we sat up top to eat it, we were rewarded with this…

sunset at Studland, Dorset, UK

Next day after a bit more beach time and some more splashing about off the stern, and in anticipation of putting Chiron on the market, we took some shots of her from the water – she’s looking very lovely and I am loathe to let her go! For those of you who like a bit more info than ‘she’s pretty and I love sailing her’, Chiron is a 41 foot Jeanneau Sun Legende and accommodates the 6 of us in 3 cabins and the saloon. Now that two of them are at Uni and another will be off shortly it is rare that we are all on board but we can still fit when we are – it’s cosy but nobody has actually killed anyone else yet!

Jeanneau Sun Legende - Chiron at anchor in Studland Bay

So, before she heads off to waters new I thought I’d better show you around properly starting, of course, with my sailing kitchen! We will, in all likelihood, be sailing her for most of this summer so I’m hoping to bring you more videos of our sailing life now that I’ve finally kicked it all off with this one. I have very good intentions to vlog every time I’m there but then…I go sailing!

This first video shows you where I cook and how I store all the fodder for 6 ravenous appetites, as well as some of the quirky bits which make my galley on board very different from my kitchen on land.

So – what would you like to see next? The rest of the inside, the outside in a bit more detail or should I just get on with the cooking videos and snippets of our sailing life?





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