My Simple Things as April makes way for May are all the more important as life chez Thinly Spread is busy beyond busy at the moment.  I have two boys revising, one for GCSEs and the other for A Levels, and this week sees the beginning of the first wave of exams – it is the Simple Things which are keeping me sane!

April saw me out in the garden with my smallest companion, he’s a whizz with the secateurs! We’ve pruned, planted and plotted. We’ve leaned on our spades and rubbed our chins and we’ve looked around us and appreciated the fruits of our labours. There is something new to admire every day – we love it!

Simple Things, Raindrops on leaves

We’ve been picking flowers for the house almost weekly since I started work on the Cutting Garden this time last year, next week will bring an entire post introducing this venture properly but I can’t not mention it here too! Bonus Boy has watched me as I’ve chosen flowers for the kitchen and has been coming up with lovely combinations of his own. Last week he climbed the apple tree and picked a choice blossom – isn’t it pretty? I love the simplicity of his arrangement.

apple blossom, simple things

We’ve spent our first nights of the year on board and been rewarded with some magnificent sunsets. I love snuggling in for the night all cosy and warm being rocked gently to sleep and then woken by the sound of water lapping in the morning. (Of course, it’s sometimes hellish with the wind howling, the rigging creaking and groaning and the waves slapping deafeningly in my ears but I’m choosing to ignore that for this post!)

sunset in harbour, simple things

Bonus Boy is becoming quite a sailor, he sailed us solo for about 5 knots bringing us safely back in through the harbour walls last weekend. I love that he is still so small that he has to stand on tiptoe to see where he is going, this Simple Thing makes me smile every time!

tiny sailor, simple things

My lovely Mother in Law passed her gingerbread mould on to me when we visited recently. I can’t tell you what joy this Simple Thing brings me! I have a Christmas Baking book which I picked up in a charity shop a few years ago, it contains recipes for German gingerbread which need this mould and each time I use it I will think of her.

gingerbread mould

Finally, the beginning of May has seen us celebrating our First Born’s eighteenth birthday – I think it probably deserves a post all to itself but this picture of him and his lovely girl warms my heart. We made a man!

Birthday, simple things

I started writing about the Simple Things which make me happy back at the beginning of the year. What Simple Things have you been enjoying this month? Are you taking time to stop and look closely at the little things and realising that, actually, they are the big things?

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