This week’s Simple Things are windy walks, muddy puddles, hot chocolate, and seeing your mates after an overdose of family over Christmas!

With the last whisper of Christmas still echoing around the house Bonus Boy and I took advantage of his extra INSET day by heading off to climb a hill and blow away the glittery cobwebs. Climbing Cley Hill in Wiltshire is one of his absolute favourite things to do and, when a mate comes too, it’s perfect!

It was incredibly windy when we all reached the top, we leaned into the wind and gasped as it whipped our breath away and brought tears to our eyes; we thought we might actually be able to lift our feet and fly!

simple things, walking in the wind, Cley Hill

Finding a broken but useable sledge was the icing on the cake, they sat in it to eat our picnic before throwing themselves with huge enthusiasm down the very bumpy grassy hill.

grass sledging on Cley Hill

Bonus Boy shoved his hands in his pockets and they stumped off ahead, homeward bound, chatting and catching up.

Walking home in sunbeams, Cley Hill

Of course, who can resist a muddy puddle?!

muddy puddles

Back at home he and I supped on real hot chocolate (melted chocolate and frothy milk, none of your powdered nonsense!) and ruminated on a day well spent.

real hot chocolate

I’m hoping to have time to record our simple things every week, the things which cement us as a family and the things they remember as they get older. I asked the teens recently what they remembered from their earlier days and it is moments like these which sprang to mind rather than the Big Stuff.  What are your simple things to do in January?



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