The February half term has brought a promise of Spring with snippets of sunshine and carpets of snowdrops. My Simple Things have been sunshine on my face a glorious rainbow of hope and our first whole family sail of 2014.

We climbed Glastonbury Tor so I could show my children the huge swathe of our county which is underwater. As we reached the top the rain came down again but then something magical happened, the sun came out and there was a moment of pure joy.

Glastonbury Rainbow, rainbow over Glastonbury Tor

Our first whole family sail of 2014 brought a broad smile to my face and lifted my heart the way nothing else can. Something shifts when we leave the harbour and the land is left behind. He takes up his pole position and settles in to his sailing persona. He does it instantly, the minute his feet leave the pontoon and land on deck.

heading out of Portland Marina

After the recent storms there was still quite a breeze and we shifted at quite a pace. I love standing braced and trying to capture the angles.

sailing in February

It doesn’t always work, it isn’t always harmonious and we aren’t always all on board together but when we are and when it does it’s fab.

family sailing

He is never bored on board (apologies!) and, as he gets bigger, he is more and more fearless. I caught these pictures as he was descending from on high.

climbing the rigging

climbing the rigging

happy on board

Celebrating the Simple Things in February – what are yours?

I’m linking this post to The Gallery at Sticky Fingers. I haven’t joined in for far too long! Go and have a peep at everyone else’s weathery pictures!

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