There’s been an annoying virus thing hanging around the place at Thinly Spread but this weekend we threw it off and sank into the Simple Things which are guaranteed to make us feel better. Spring is really getting into its stride and on Saturday the garden called.

The signs of Spring are everywhere, six spotted ladybirds were easy to spot (!) amongst the borders as I weeded until my back ached and this gorgeous Peacock butterfly flitted around my head.

peacock butterfly, simple things

Bonus Boy is my weekend and afternoon garden companion but when he’s at school I have this handsome fellow at my side. I love hearing his song in the early evening and that he couldn’t give a fig about me pottering about in his garden, my job is to expose worms for his sharp beak and beady eye. He’s very busy feeding his partner who is sitting on the season’s first eggs high up in the ivy on the garden wall and I like to think I’m helping that little family on its way.

Blackbird, simple things

I found these two, sitting on the windowsill in my bedroom, having a bit of a chat and it made me smile. The simple friendship between a boy and his cat. Perfect.

a boy and his cat, simple things

On Saturday night we switched all our lights off for Earth Hour, as we do every year, and indulged in a little light graffiti and a game or two of Consequences by candlelight. It is the simplest of things but one of our favourite nights of the year. Bonus Boy wants to do it every night please! Here he is as a light butterfly.

light graffiti butterfly

What simple things have you be enjoying? Are you making time just to Be?

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