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It’s the Easter weekend at last and Mr Thinly Spread has FOUR DAYS OFF! We are giddy with excitement as, due to work shenanigans, he hasn’t had more than a day off at a time for ages!

He will be spending some time on the roof as we have finally extricated ourselves from our ‘previous provider’ and he needs to fit our new freeview satellite dish and wire it all in (I am SO glad I married a practical man!) We have boys who are now big enough to do  more than bash things ‘helpfully’ with hammers and undo things with screwdrivers which should probably not be undone, so they can all get on with a bit of male bonding out on the roof!

Meanwhile, down on the ground there will be baking, making and potmenting. I bought this little lot to keep Bonus Boy and Darling Girl busy when I need to get on with other stuff.

Yellow Moon had 20% off and Sainsburys were selling their Easter crafty bits off at half price, I couldn’t resist!

I shall be making another batch of these

We will probably be making more of these (they are addictive, you have been warned!)

There will be an Easter Egg hunt. We video this event every year and it’s fabulous to look back and see how much they’ve all changed. I give them a set of clues each dependent on age and off they gallop. I have used this book on several occasions and can thoroughly recommend it as a family resource. It has come in handy at parties for treasure hunts too!

We will be feasting and walking and generally unwinding. We will not be sitting in traffic jams heading for the beach! I have also just invested £20 in a swingball so any family frustrations can be taken out on a ball in the back garden! There, think I’ve got it all covered!

What have you got planned for the Easter weekend? I’d love to see what you’re up to! Have you got a post to share to give us all some ideas? Something to do, something to make. something to read, somewhere to go – all are welcome! Old posts or new can be added to the link, we are building up quite a resource bank now! Please link back here, thank you, and grab the badge if you’d like

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