This weekend Mr Thinly Spread has TWO WHOLE DAYS OFF! We are going to shake off the cares of our rather overloaded working lives, pull on our wellies and set off for a good stomp through the forest.

I shall remember (if I write it down) to take a treasure sack for Bonus Boy so he can collect sticks, stones, leaves, seed cases and helicopters and we will have something to carry them in!

When we get home we might make a walking collage with all the bits of treasure. I might draw a map of our walk on a large piece of lining paper and we might talk it through, sticking any finds in the appropriate place. We might also make a potato print boot and dip it in brown paint and walk it along our paper route. I expect he will take his Buzz Lightyear Camera with him so we can print off any of his favourite pictures and pop them on too!

Or, we might curl up on the sofa with popcorn and a DVD…we’ll see how the mood takes us!

We have enjoyed very many forest adventures over the years and we love them throughout the seasons. There is always something to do. It is, therefore, with sinking hearts that we read the news of the government’s proposals to sell off the nation’s forests. Here is a map showing all the forests ear-marked for sell off.

Please sign the on line petition to show your opposition to these plans. Yesterday the UN launched the International Year of Forests, celebrating forests for people. How ironic then that our government is planning to sell ours! Once it’s gone it’s gone.

For more fantastic woodland activities do visit the Woodland Trust’s fabulous website. It is packed with stuff to do and wonderful free downloads. You can join the Nature Detectives too for even more foresty fun!

What are you planning this weekend? Have you posted something we could all have a go at or somewhere we could go? Add your link to the blue blob below! (I have changed from McLinky because they are now charging, if you have any trouble linking, let me know and I’ll sort it out!) Please link back to me (thank you) and feel free to pop the badge on your blog if you’d like to!

(Once you have added your link to the blob, I’ll pop it manually onto the list below. My way around’s stubbornness re Linkys!)

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