This weekend sees the beginning of the half term holiday for us and we have lots of plans! Our project for this first weekend (apart from sleeping in until lunchtime if you’re a teen) is to make a start with seed planting! There is a whiff of spring in the air with crocuses open in the planters, snowdrops nodding their tiny heads and leaves unfurling on the Russian Vine, Bonus Boy loves being out in the garden and is desperate to get going with some seeds!

Just as I was plotting this post the most amazing thing happened! I had a visit from the Fairy Hobmother at Appliances OnLine! For those of you not in the know there has been a sprinkling of fairy dust in the blogging world and some lucky people who have left comments on other lucky people’s blogs have been sent presents! I commented ages ago on Paula’s blog, so long ago I had forgotten (admittedly I do forget things which happened 5 minutes ago but on this occasion it really was ages ago!), and the Fairy Hobmother contacted me last week asking if he (for he is a man!) could send me these as a gift

Not only was it wonderful to be offered a present, but it was lovely that FH had taken time to read my blog and think of a gift which I would really like. Perfect!

So – the upshot is, Bonus Boy, My Beautiful Girl and me will be planting furiously over the next few weeks and watching as the miraculous little green shoots appear in the trays all over the house. Mr Thinly Spread and the Big Boys will tut a bit and raise their eyebrows as they try to find their toothbrushes in amongst the Peppers and Chillis, the cats will get fed up as we plant directly into the soil in a few weeks time and their scratch patches get covered with spiky sticks and netting but we three will be very happy indeed!

For those of you new to vegetable gardening, it really is the BEST thing to do with children. They get to plant things, watch them grow and then eat them! It doesn’t get better than that!

We plant a lot of seeds into toilet roll tubes and we make our own newspaper seed containers too. these have the advantage that you can bring your seeds on and plant the container and the seedling straight into the ground without disturbing the roots. The small seeds will be started in seed trays and then, when they are big enough to handle, transplanted into our tubes. Big seeds will just be popped straight in.

Seeds to go in this weekend will be Peppers, Tomatoes, Chillis and Leeks. We only have a small garden so we plant what we eat…but we always plant too many and will give a lot away to friends. We sow some now and more later so if we have problems we have a second batch to work with.

The lovely package from Appliances OnLine also included strawberry seeds which we have never planted, always buying small plantlets, so we’re looking forward to having a go at those! It also included cress seeds which we can plant in egg shells lined with moist tissue on the windowsill and which grow really quickly which is great for impatient small people! If we draw faces on the shells we’ll have amusing cress haired people in no time!

Do leave a comment or a link telling me what you have planned with your children this weekend, you never know who may be watching!

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Disclosure: I was sent the seeds you see in return for a little mention on my blog

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