RHS Rosemoor in Devon is a goldmine for Story Walkers and provides the backdrop for a second helping of ‘Following in the Footsteps of our Favourite Book Characters‘ here on Thinly Spread.

This time we weren’t sure who we were going to meet as we rounded each corner. We wondered if this might be The Magic Faraway Tree as it seemed to go up forever and the raindrops were dancing with each other in the sunlight. Saucepan Man, Moon-Face and Silky the Fairy were hidden just out of sight and the temptation to climb up was almost too much to bear!

The Magic Faraway Tree

These chaps could only be Bill and Ben the Flowerpot Men with Bill leaning jauntily on his hoe and Ben showing of his muscles

bill and ben the flowerpot men at RHS Rosemoor

Next we stopped for a chat with the scarecrow from The Wizard of Oz who had clearly had a drop too much of the parsnip wine!

scarecrow on a story walk

But as we rounded the corner and saw this, we were all grinning.

Mr McGregor's Garden RHS Rosemoor

We had found Mr McGregor’s Garden! No one ever grows out of Beatrix Potter ! One or two of us may have hopped like Peter Rabbit and Benjamin Bunny, one or two others may have tutted at such antics!

Mr McGregor's Garden at RHS Rosemoor

There were carrots and lettuces, kale, gourds and pumpkins galore; a feast fit for a rabbit. I reminded Bonus Bunny not to eat too many lettuces as they have a renowned soporific effect upon rabbits and a small cottontail might find himself captured and heading for the pot!

Story walks mean that children stay interested while I get to look at lovely gardens! I take lots of photographs which we then pore over together on long winter evenings making plans for Spring. I’m reducing the size of our veg patch this year, in order to have room for a flower cutting garden, and I am very tempted to make a little Mr McGregor garden just like this one so that Bonus Boy can tend to his own patch.

We visited Rosemoor in the autumn when we were on holiday at half term and the colours were glorious. We saw a double rainbow, rode on a giant see saw and had a lovely day. If you go at Easter there are craft workshops with a rainbow theme, an Easter trail and newly hatched chicks and ducklings.

Have you got any suggestions for other story walks we could do?

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