Things are changing here at Thinly Spread. Our eldest has just returned for the Summer having completed his first year at University, our second has just finished his AS Levels, our daughter faces GCSEs next year and Bonus Boy is about to leave his cosy First School and head to Middle School in September. This has been a year of shifting sands and adjustment and it hasn’t been easy to blog. One less of us most of the time meant that the rest of us had to learn how to be five instead of six. We had to fill the gap he left in our family unit while making sure that there was still space for him when he came back.

Chesil Beach

Meanwhile the rest of them are growing up fast. As I scanned through photographs this morning, looking for a particular picture of a particular craft for my other blog, I was totally distracted by this image

Lyme Regis in winter

I took it on the beach at Lyme Regis in the winter. Five of us had gone fossil hunting and I was acutely aware that our eldest wasn’t there. I think this was one of the days when I realised that him not being there was fine, that he was missed but not missing.

The two boys were further up the beach heading for the limestone pavement and I watched as she played with her Dad. Fifteen isn’t the easiest age to be, and we haven’t had the easiest year, but moments like these make me realise how lucky they are to have each other and how lucky I am to have them.

On Lyme Regis Beach

On Lyme Regis Beach

Lyme Regis in Winter

I’ve been taking stock. Time shifts, things change, but that’s fine.


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