Walking past the gorgeous new florists which has opened in our town last week I was very taken with the posies she had arranged in tea cups, buckets and baskets. I am currently very short of cash and I couldn’t justify splashing out but the idea stuck in my head.

I trawled the charity shops, soaked some oasis and raided the garden. I am quite pleased. These cost  me £1.99 (and I have two side plates and a cake plate into the bargain!)

sweet peas and lavender posie

upcycled tea cups

This one looks particularly lovely next to my favourite tin. Which contains cake. Which goes with tea, in a cup with a saucer, very well!

teacup posies

What is your best charity shop find? Have you any more ideas for me for flower arranging possibilities? I planted a wall of sweet peas and have them coming out of my ears!

Happily shared with Magpie Monday

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