In February¬† and March of this year I wrote several posts about Save the Children’s campaign to end Newborn deaths. I told you that 1 million babies are dying each year on the day they are born and that many of these deaths are easily preventable with basic medical care. I told you that Save the Children were asking us to stand up for these babies and their families, to call on the world’s leaders to end the scandal of newborn deaths and for them to work towards ensuring that every woman has access to a life saving midwife at the birth of her child.

Today I want to thank you for doing just that. 18, 839 people signed our petition. Eighteen thousand, eight hundred and thirty nine people took the time to stand up and be counted. That’s amazing and heart warming and reassuring – people care – that’s truly wonderful.

All those signatures took me, fellow blogger Merry and inspiring midwife Claire Parker all the way to this street and through these imposing gates

Downing Street, London

Carrying the names of all those people in our arms and in our hearts we walked through security and on towards that particular house

Downing Street

To this particular door

Number 10 Downing Street

Last time I was here handing in the vaccines petition right back at the beginning of my blog and my work with Save the Children it was my lovely friend Tracey who rapped on that door knocker and demanded the attention of the Prime Minister – this time it was me.

newborns petition hand in for save the children at Downing Street

Of course, he didn’t actually open the door – he may have been dealing with the child just inside who burst into tears when I rapped very loudly to get his attention – but that petition was delivered and received and he can be in no doubt that a very large number of us are calling for action.

Thank you so much for coming with us on this Newborn journey, for adding your voice to the campaign, for helping us to get so many names on that petition that we could take it right to the door of Number 10. Thank you for helping this message to be heard.


A special thank you to NetMums Bloggers, MumsNet Bloggers, Tots 100 and BritMums for putting their combined weight behind this campaign, to all the people who joined in with our Twitter chat and helped us trend loudly enough to get noticed, to everyone who shared posts and tweeted their support and to my wonderful fellow bloggers who wrote posts and helped to spread the word by joining our blog hop.

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If I’ve missed anyone it is because of my lack of organisation not because I don’t value you!

Thank You XXX


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