This Summer sees some pretty big milestones for my lovely family but we are scattered far and wide so, at the end of August, we will be combining them all into one enormous celebration! Luckily, I have just been sent a few bottles of Thatchers new Family Reserve, a fine English Sparkling Apple Wine, which is exactly what our party calls for!

Thatchers English Sparkling Apple Wine

May saw my eldest’s 21st birthday, with him almost as far away from home as it is possible to be, while August brings one of those birthdays for me…you know, the ones with a nought on the end. But, most of all, we will be celebrating being back together after a year which has seen Number 1 spread his wings wide and fly to Berlin for 6 months and Tokyo for a further 5, while Number 2 packed up his stuff and headed a long way up North to Liverpool to study.

It’s been a year of huge steps and small ones, of enormous pride and joy and of a little heartache as we wave goodbye to our family as it has been and embrace it as it now is. Raising a glass to birthday milestones and life changes seems like a pretty good plan to me.

Thatchers’ Classic Cuvée is made at Myrtle Farm which nestles at the foot of the Mendip Hills in Somerset not very far from where we live. Thatchers have been making cider here for four generations so I reckon a glass or two of this deliciousness, crafted from the Thatchers’ family apple trees, grown in the soil of the county my lot call home is a brilliant way to celebrate!

If you’re planning a special summer celebration this Thatchers Family Reserve “Champagne Cider” really fits the bill. Thatchers have recreated a recipe which was originally crafted by their founder William Thatcher in the early 1900s. Selecting the first gentle pressing of Katy apples (which are almost as beautiful as my girl whose name they share – if misspelt!) they have produced a delicate and elegant fizz perfect for summer weddings, garden parties and family celebrations.

I’m going to pack up our picnic baskets with champagne flutes, bunting, fruit, bread, pies, lemonade for the youngest and Thatchers Family Reserve for the rest and we’re going to head to the sea, there may be fireworks if we’re lucky…

Fireworks over the sea

There will be a glorious sunset…

sunset and sailing boats

They will come back together and play, like they always do and I will smile and cry at the same time – just like I’m doing now as I write this! Turning 50 won’t be so bad!

Thinly Spread on the Beach

 Have you got something special to celebrate this summer? Pop a bottle or two of Thatchers Family Reserve in your hamper and your party will go off with a bang! Thatchers Sparking Apple Wine is gluten free and vegan so all those of us who are old enough can partake – even better!

Thatchers Family Reserve

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