I am officially CROSS. I am sick and tired of the moaning. Fed up to the back teeth of the *shocked faces*, retributions, attacks, nasty asides and general unpleasantness which is the media coverage of ‘The Olympics’. I get that the security has been problematic, I get that the transport is a pain, I understand that it has cost a lot of money BUT it is THE OLYMPICS and it is HERE and young people have worked for years to get to this point. Cut them some slack!

The news should be full of the arrival of teams from all over the world and reports about our athletes. There should be excitement, jubilation, joy…maybe even a bit of whooping. It’s not just about the torch and its meandering route around our countryside (does anyone else suspect that it may be lost?), it’s certainly not all about that man and his security cock ups, it’s not about Boris or Seb Coe or Theresa May or any of the people who pop up incessantly on my radio. It’s about people, people coming together to run as fast, jump as high, throw as far, swim, ride, sail and cartwheel the best they have ever done in their lives and we should be behind them, cheering them on and willing them to win.

That is why I was delighted to attend the British Airways Home Advantage blogger session at their gorgeous Waterside headquarters. The BA TV advert is one of the few things I’ve seen which seems to ‘get it’. It’s a brave company which tells its customers NOT to use its product during The Games but to stay at home, get behind the athletes and help them to make the most of that Home Advantage!

Everyone I met at Waterside was excited about the Games and it was infectious. This is a company that has backed British athletes since 1956 (first as BOAC and later as British Airways) and is VERY proud of it. I admit that until I went there I was a bit ‘Meh, Olympics, shmolympics’ – that media negativity is catching – but by the time I left I had caught the Home Advantage bug! (I was also holding on very tightly to a ticket to the men’s water polo…men in pants, what’s not to love?!)

I am now officially a member of the ‘Home Advantage Influencer Programme’ (which may well be the fanciest title I have ever held) and there have been whispers of opportunities for giveaways on my blog! It has inspired me to look at taking the children into the Olympic Park just to soak up some of the atmosphere at Park Live, watch some events on the big screen and have a bite of history … I hadn’t even realised you could do that! I want my children to remember the Olympics for the spirit of it, the fun, the whole world descending on our island, people striving to do their very best and us cheering them on to do that.  I want them to be proud of it.

British Airways approach to sponsorship has made me proud to be British and I am proud to be a member of their influencer programme. Watch this space for details, I’m hoping to bring you a chance at your own little piece of the Olympics very soon!

‘With hope in our hearts and wings on our heels’ (with thanks to Victoria who reminded me how apt this is) watch this, I defy you not to get goosebumps and, when you’ve done that, pop your postcode in the BA app and take that plane for a ride down your own road!

What will you be doing to cheer our athletes on? How will you give them that Home Advantage which could spur them on to a personal best, a place on the podium or even GOLD?

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