I can honestly say that no kitchen gadget has ever brought my family together the way the Tea Maker from Sage by Heston Blumentahl has- yes, really! I should explain that we could hold a Mad Hatter’s Tea Party everyday because we are a bit loopy about the brew. When First Born hit 18 last month I gave him a Stump teapot and 20 different packets/tins of tea as well as various tea brewing accoutrements.

tea presents,

All being well he will be off to University in September hoping to study German and Japanese. If this happens he will be spending up to a year in Japan and I am already saving my pennies so I can visit him; I can’t do a whole year without a hug! Japanese culture has fascinated him all his life, from the video games of his childhood to the food (tofu capital of the world!) and, of course, the tea ceremony!

We are all aficionados of the perfect cuppa – tea bag squeezing brings us out in a rash, people who dunk the bag into the cup for a few seconds before removing it leave us speechless, those who leave tea to brew until you can stand a spoon it  make us shudder. We time our tea using stop watches or the oven timer – there is no room in this house for bog standard bags. We bemoan the plethora of branded coffee shops which are springing up all over our high streets and fall happily into an independent tea shop whenever we find one.

The Tea Maker from Sage by Heston Blumentahl is the answer to a tea lover’s prayers. It has settings for all types of tea – Green, Black, White, Oolong and Herbal. Each of these teas requires a different temperature to bring out the best flavour, each of them (apart from the herbal varieties) comes from the same plant but is processed differently and needs treating with respect when it comes to brewing, as Heston explains, ‘The less oxidised teas like green and white teas release their tannins at a lower temperature. If you brew too hot, the bitter flavours over power the tea. Conversely, if you brew too cold you don’t release enough flavour from the leaf. The right balance is all about the right temperature.’

The Tea Maker has a programmable start feature and a ‘keep warm function’ so we can keep ourselves topped up. It has been a godsend over this last stressful week of revision!

May marked the start of ‘Heston’s Tea Movement’ – a mission to educate Britain on how to enjoy the perfect tea experience and we are totally signed up! It’s time to eradicate the bad cuppa and reclaim our national brew!

Follow the #TalkTeaWithHeston campaign on Twitter and Facebook and join in for the chance to win a Tea Maker – hurry, you haven’t got much time!

Here’s our Tea Maker from Sage by Heston Blumentahl in action – it has already become part of the family!

#TalkTeaWithHeston Ambassador buttonWe were sent the Tea Maker from Sage by Heston Blumentahl for the purposes of this review.

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