I love my daughter. She looks like an angel, she talks like an angel, she walks like an angel…but I got wise…

She’s a devil in disguise!

People look at her and they see her face, underneath that gorgeousness is a fine mind and a wonderful sense of humour.

Last week I was trapped in conversation with a woman who wouldn’t stop talking. She was spouting a bit about vegetarianism ‘I can’t understand it, I mean, what do you EAT?’, about  my vegetarian children ‘Did you make them vegetarian?’ (Funnily enough, I did, I gave birth to them and, lo, they were vegetarian) about her children ‘They never have sweets, oh my goodness no, I won’t have them in the house, too tempting for me!’

My daughter picked up on my ‘get me out of here before I stab her’ vibes and wandered over singing sweetly:

‘Twinkle twinkle little star, how I wonder what you are…

at this point she turned to the woman, smiling angelically and said,

‘Actually, I know what you are, you’re a GREAT BIG BALL OF GAS!’

I snorted, the woman looked at me and my small monster with wide eyes and a shocked expression.

I grinned, ‘She’s a scientist, she’s talking about the composition of a star!’

I clutched my girl to my side and we both shook with suppressed laughter.


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