Yesterday she turned thirteen. I am so proud of her. She is kind, funny, thoughtful and clever. She keeps me sane in a house full of boys and she drives me mad in equal measure.

I love crafting with her, sitting in silence while we read, curling up on the sofa for a chat or a film, shopping together, holding hands, dancing in the kitchen, running down the beach, cooking up a storm. Everything is better when she’s there.

She is feisty and furious and her temper gives mine a run for its money. She’s completely loopy with a glorious quirky side which I adore.

She’s fiercely loyal and loves deeply; family matters enormously and she is hugely proud of her brothers.

The world lies at her feet and she’s wearing the boots to conquer it.

She’s our girl and we love her.

This post was written for this week’s Gallery at Sticky Fingers. The prompt was ‘Girls’ which seemed particularly apt.


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