Three Little Monkeys by Quentin Blake, illustrated by Emma Chichester Clark, comes out in paperback today! It comes with a CD of the story read by Olivia Coleman and I have TWO copies of the book with CD to give away – read on to find out why I think you need a copy in your house!

Three Little Monkeys by Quentin Blake and Emma Chichester Clark

A new Quentin Blake is such treat and  is always going to be popular in my family – his stories and illustrations have weaved their magic through the childhoods of both me and my children. HIs books are the ones I have to find shelf space for forever, his characters have special places in our hearts and this collaboration with Emma Chichester Clark is just perfect. Quentin Blake provides the words and Emma Chichester Clark brings them to life with illustrations full of expression and detail which just made me laugh out loud!

Three Little Monkeys is adorable, the story is funny, sweet, anarchic, chaotic and packed full of love – any parent of small children will recognise little bits of their lives in here! Hilda Snibbs (just the name makes me grin) has three little monkeys called Tim, Sam and Lulu and they are easily bored and very lively. I think the pages which made me laugh the most were the ones dedicated to a little bit of chaos in the bathroom. At one point I was Mum to three children aged 4 and under who encouraged each other in all sorts of shenanigans and this image is one I remember all too well – it’s the eyes of those monkeys which make me giggle! I have a photo somewhere of one of mine wrapped from head to toe in loo roll and umpteen pictures of bubble monsters – bath times are much more sedate these days! Just look at that little hand on hip and that happy little smile – such fun!

Three Little Monkeys by Quentin Blake

This is a book you need to add to your picture book collection – Quentin Blake’s words are a joy to read out loud and it is one of those which children will ask to hear again and again. If, by any chance, you tire of reading it to them it even comes complete with a CD of the story read by the wonderful Olivia Coleman! I personally could listen to her all day!

The Times said that this collaboration between giants of the children’s picture book world is “A match made in picture book heaven” and I whole heartedly agree. If you haven’t got small children, buy it for Christmas for those who have OR buy it for yourself because it’s lovely OR buy it for your big kids to revisit their childhood with older eyes – mine thought this was utterly charming and very funny. No one is too old for a good picture book!

Now – I have two copies of the new paperback edition of Three Little Monkeys, complete with CD, to giveaway to two lucky readers as we head into the festive season. All you have to do is click on the giveaway entry form below and I’ve made the entry requirements easy peasy – go on, clickety click and good luck!

Three Little Monkeys Book Giveaway

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