Yesterday I was back at Chelsea with John to see how far things had progressed since I last saw it on Sunday and what a difference those few days had made! The water feature is in, much of the planting is now done and Ed and his team were on site doing some more work on the path.

This garden is doing exactly what it is designed to do, it makes people stop in their tracks. People who are busy doing their thing can’t help but stand and stare at this thing. At its heart beats the most magnificent, mesmerising ripple pool.

Buried underneath that pool, deep in the earth is a time capsule. This has never been done at Chelsea before and, when the garden moves on, the time capsule is going with it. The capsule is filled with Ronald, John and Sim – it represents the child at the heart of everything World Vision does. There are photographs, friendship bracelets, Lupin Seeds, the garden design, Ronald’s wish for himself and Ronald’s father’s wish for his son.

Image by Vikki Meakin of World Vision

In the chaos that is Chelsea in build up week this garden is already a place of reflection and is already transmitting a powerful message. One woman working on a garden nearby told me she has to keep stopping, walking over to our garden and just absorbing its tranquility.

John took some time out from sweeping dust off the path and teaspooning gravel (his attention to detail borders on the bonkers!) to talk to me about his design. Sim was missing on this occasion as he was with his wife who gave birth to a baby girl yesterday weighing in at 7lbs 8oz, so I’m sure you’ll excuse his absence!

And now for some exciting news! I have managed to persuade World Vision to give away two precious tickets to the now completely sold out RHS Chelsea Flower Show! Pop over to their Facebook page and answer the simple question ‘What do you like most about the World Vision Garden?’ I hope my series of posts so far has given you plenty to think about and I’m really looking forward to bringing you the finished garden when I visit again on Sunday!

Go on, go and win a ticket and see for yourself! (If you feel like leaving me a comment to tell me that you’ve entered so I can feel the love that would be fab, but it’s not compulsory!)

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