You may remember a few weeks ago that a round-up of blog posts called Friday Finds appeared here on Thinly Spread. The brainchild of Ruth, Becky, Liz and myself, Friday Finds is a weekly pat on the back for blog posts we have read and enjoyed and the bloggers who wrote them. It moved to Tuesday because we realised we had inadvertently plopped our Finds on top of a regular slot over at Tots100 and it seemed to make sense to share the blog love through the week!

So, without further ado, grab yourself a cuppa and a nice slice of cake and have a mosey through the ‘stuff which caught my eye’ over the last week or so for my ‘Tuesday Treats’.

First up is Lulastic who sent a pretty pink (and slightly scary) parcel to Weetabix and explains why the wheaty biscuits will not be finding a place in her larder until the company sorts its act out and ditches its current marketing ploy.

When I had a ‘Oh my God, this isn’t what it’s all about’ moment earlier this week my good friend Kate pointed me in the direction of this piece. The Bearded Iris asks ‘Is social media affecting your blogging?’  and goes on to wonder how we balance writing with writing about our writing?

Sally wrote a fabulous piece on ‘Who’s the Mummy?’ asking ‘What’s it Like to be a Single Parent?’ I’m not a single parent but I was brought up by one and I know how scary it can be to be the one ‘in charge’. This made me re-examine my childhood a bit and the comments on the post make for interesting reading. I also came away just a teensy bit jealous of Sally’s alphebetised spice rack.

The beautiful black and white photos of a gorgeous newborn baby girl with her Daddy over at Mummy, Daddy, Me made me gasp out loud and whisked me right back to those early days so many years ago.

Another thought-provoking post by Glosswatch had me nodding along. This time she is calling for an end to ironic bigotry concluding ‘I don’t think the privileged should get to decide when and where sexism and racism become mere “cultural conversation” prompts.’ well worth a read.

Easter is looming and the children break up very soon, I like decorating the house for Spring and am very taken with Maggy’s Easter tree at Red Ted Art. As usual she has hundreds of ideas to keep small people busy and her egg decorating ideas are a must read!

The release of Kat Goldin’s new book ‘Crochet at Play’ is now less than a month away, her stop motion book trailer (put together by That Kat – so many Kat’s!) is, frankly, brilliant and had my foot tapping and my hooky finger twitching. I can’t wait to get my hands on a copy!

Finally I want to point you in the direction of Emily’s lovely blog ‘Mummy Limited’. Her post ‘Quiet’ stopped me in my tracks when I read it yesterday. It is a beautifully written account of an early miscarriage, do look through the sadness to the power of her words.

Next week I hand the reins back to Becky who will be bringing you her choice of reading material. I hope you have enjoyed mine!

Just one last thing for you – not a blog post but it did make me laugh. Teen One told me to enter this into my search bar last night and then to do this (you can put anything in there, it doesn’t have to be thinlyspread ;-)) Go on, it’ll make you laugh!

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