I have a serious tin habit. I drool over tins both vintage and new and find them very hard to resist. Once they have been emptied of their contents they are repurposed to hold cakes, buttons, sewing paraphernalia, toys, craft materials, fabric, wool and more. They take their place in every room of the house and, if they leave the house to transport baked goods to school, the children know they must be returned intact – or else! I can’t even throw away food cans, repurposing them as plant pots and lanterns!

So, when I was asked if I would like a tin of hand decorated biscuits and whether I would mind reusing my tin and showing you what I had done with it I did grin a little grin! I chose the flowers tin because a) the biscuits inside were vegetarian and b) I already had a use in mind for the tin once empty…can you think what I might use this for?!

Biscuiteers biscuit tin

The biscuits inside lasted only long enough for me to photograph them (‘Mu-um, hurry up. You DON’T need to photograph them in the garden for goodness sake!’)

biscuiteers biscuits

This tin is the PERFECT size for seed packets. Too wide and they fall over, too narrow and there isn’t room for the rogue wide packet; I know, I’ve tried. I made some cheery dividers to hold my annuals apart from my perennials and I am VERY pleased with it. There is a post coming very soon about my cutting garden experiment last year and its continuation in 2014 but, in the meantime, all the seeds are nestled here, waiting to go!

upcycled biscuit tin, seed storage

The flowers all come from my garden, I have been cutting flowers almost weekly since last Spring and that makes me incredibly happy – I can’t wait to tell you all about it!

Biscuiteers would love to see what you would do with one of their tins once it has been emptied and there are biscuity prizes up for grabs. For more details visit their competition page here and have a look at their blog post for some inspiration.

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