Today I am privileged to have Maggy from Red Ted Art guesting at Thinly Spread and sharing some of her Christmas cheer!
Hello hello! My name is Maggy and I am visiting from Red Ted Art, where I regularly get crafty with my children or just for me!!
What a pleasure it is to be here and guest post for the GORGEOUS Chris! I love Thinly Spread and all that it stands for and have already tried out a number of recipes and followed keenly the work that Chris has been doing for Save The Children.
I particularly like it when chez Chris things get festive and it is time for Festive Friday again. What a lovely time of year to think of all things cheerful and to really get into the seasonal mood.
Over at Red Ted Art, we usually get very busy crafting Christmas cards, baking biscuits, making some presents and lots and lots of Christmas ornaments. I just can’t resist them.
Today, I would like to share our “Vanille Kipferl” recipe. In Austria we bake many different biscuits during the Christmas season – the more different ones the better. My families favourite are these Vanille Kipferl. We always make them first and I often make a 2nd batch!
They are easy.. and I made ours with the kids this year.. telling them to “roll slugs” before I made them into crescent shape. I worry that one day these will be called vanilla slugs in our houses. Eeek.
  • 300g plain flour
  • 215g unsalted butter (+ pinch of salt) or slightly salted butter
  • 100g ground almonds
  • 75g icing sugar
  • (vanilla essence)**
For coating:
  • 150g icing sugar, 2 packets of vanilla sugar**
*as these are our FAVOURITE cookies, I make double quantities – i.e. use half the amount and you will still have a nice portion of cookies
**Ok, vanilla sugar is something you don’t necessarily get in the UK, so to replace this fact, you could add a couple of drops of essence or some real vanilla into the dough. It isn’t “quite” right, but you can’t have Vanille Kipferl without vanilla!!
Preheat oven to 140-160C
  • Crumble butter & flour & salt
  • Add almonds & sugar
  • Knead to a dough
  • Form little crescents (make a sausage with thinner ends and bend)
  • Place in hot oven (140-160C)
  • Roll Kipferl still hot in icing sugar
I find the icing sugar gets “sticky” from the heat towards the last batch, so what I tend to do is split the icing sugar into two bowls, so that it’s nice and light and fresh for all the cookies.
Starting to feel festive yet? How about some Christmas crafting? As mentioned above, we LOVE decorations.  And I have TONS on my site. I love them all. So I can’t really pick one, but here are a few.. there are loads more, but I don’t want to bore you (too much).
Lovely! And if you need even more Christmas Inspiration do drop by over at Red Ted Art. I would love to see you there!  I also write at The Good Life Bloggers about all things in life that are good!
Merry Christmas!

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