Christmas is well and truly under way and some of my friends delight in telling me that they bought all the gifts in November, that everything is already wrapped and that their freezers are full of pre-prepped food. I wonder why these people are my friends really, I’m such a last minute person and I find all this preparedness REALLY IRRITATING! This isn’t helped by my children’s laid back attitude to list making; it’s been like pulling teeth finding out what they actually want this year.

It also isn’t helped by my happy meandering through the Christmas markets buying nothing, not one thing!

Or by my spending money on theatre tickets instead of gifts (we had such fun though!)

Thriller Live

Or by needing to go and see Christmas lights at every opportunity.

Bath Cathedral at Christmas

I’d also rather be making the house all pretty and cosy than fighting my way through crowds of people and queuing in shops and, with the boys due home from Uni this weekend, Bonus Boy, my Darling Girl and I have been decorating the house ready for their return!

We started with the upstairs last week and this week it was time to do the hall downstairs before moving on to the sitting room. Mr TS had been into the attic and passed down all the decorations so we were good to go. The hall tree is artificial so we turned on the Christmas tunes and began putting it together when calamity struck – no sign of the decorations for this particular tree! BB and DG were clearly very fed up about this so I sprang into action and headed to the attic, ladder in hand, Supermum cape firmly in place.

Now…I don’t usually venture into the attic, I’m the one who stands at the bottom with my foot on the rung, shouting instructions and threatening to remove the ladder if Mr TS doesn’t behave himself, but up I climbed all confident and in control. Once at the top I wriggled about a bit (the hatch is tiny and my bottom isn’t) to locate the string to turn on the light and then wriggled about some more to see if I could see the missing box of decorations before committing myself to clambering through the hatch completely.

You know what happened next don’t you? My wriggling about dislodged the ladder from under me. It fell. I fell. Somehow (and I have no idea how) I caught myself, grabbing onto the lip of the hatch and swinging about wildly in mid air. At this point I totally lost it and screamed for my daughter who, unbeknownst to me, was struggling out from under the ladder which had fallen on top of her! She, unlike me, was very calm – I could hear her telling me it would be fine and to calm down but I carried on screaming and scrabbling about until I was perching on top of the bathroom door!

Next she had to replace the ladder, which was impossible with me kneeling on top of the door and completely in the way. I scrabbled about again and managed to haul myself through the hatch and take up a new perch on the edge of it with my feet dangling into the bathroom. I stopped screaming and tried to calm down but, ooh boy, I was wibbly wobbly!

Between us we managed to get that ladder back into place and DG tried to talk me down. I was clearly still not in complete control of my faculties because I couldn’t work out how to get myself back on that ladder – I decided that my bottom was too big and I was not the right shape, she may have laughed at this point and persuaded me to adjust my position a bit. She was right, both me and my bottom managed to climb, very thankfully, down to terra firma below.

The upshot of all this is that I have a sprained wrist, pulled muscles across my chest and shoulders and a massive bruise from ankle to knee on the leg which did the most scrambling. I’m quite impressed that I managed to hold all my weight and not fall to my death (our cast iron bath would’ve broken my fall) or shatter my hips/break a leg/wotnot and I’m very glad that I won’t be spending Christmas in hospital. Obviously I am now banned from the attic.

The tree looks lovely…

Decorated Christmas Tree

Oh – and those decorations? In the bottom of a box which was already downstairs.

I needed a drink after all that – this vegan Christmas cocktail seemed like a plan. It is brandy based, gingery, cinnamony and very Christmassy!

Vegan Christmas Cocktail - Christmas Cheer Cocktail

I created it for this Christmas Cocktail Generator which is a little bit of festive fun – why not have a go and see which cocktail suits you best? Find the very simple recipe for my Christmas Cheer Cocktail here!

This is a collaborative post – sort of – I was paid to create a recipe for the cocktail generator and I like the image so much I wanted to share it with you! 

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