“Ohhh…” they say, shaking their heads and looking sympathetic “I couldn’t be vegan at Christmas, you’ll be missing out on so much!” and I admit I did have a little worry at the back of my mind. How would I cope without all my traditional Christmas baking (I’ve done it all with very minor adaptations)? What about Christmas dinner (turns out my traditional dinner was vegan anyway – apart from bread sauce which I’m using oat milk in instead of dairy)? And what about all those Christmas treats? Would I have to be all worthy and eat energy balls and dehydrated fruit leather instead? No, of course not!

I’ve put together this indulgent Vegan Christmas Hamper to show you just how easy it is to celebrate Christmas dairy and egg free and I’m sure you’ll agree it looks pretty tasty! Unfortunately for you it is all mine and I’m not sharing so you will just have to go out and buy your own!

A Vegan Christmas Hamper full of indulgent treats

Just look at that! What more could you want?! Shall we take a closer look and see what’s hidden in there? Yes, I think we shall!

For the coffee lover in your life that blue box at the back is a luxury Blue Coffee Box, a subscription service which sees three handpicked speciality coffees popping through the door every month selected for your taste preference, hand-roasted, and delivered in a sleek, letterbox friendly box with origin and tasting notes. If you fancy gifting it to someone special or to yourself I have a reader discount code for you which will give you £5 off your first coffee order! Simply enter TS518 on the checkout page and you’re good to go!

Also tucked in here is a bottle of Chocolate and Coconut Cream from Marks and Spencer which my very good pal Kate from Veggie Desserts alerted me to last week! She messaged me to say that there was one bottle left in our M&S, that it was half price and that I should run, not walk, down there immediately. I didn’t need telling twice!

Next to that is my festive pasta for Christmas Eve – every year I try to find pasta shapes in festive colours and I’m very pleased with this one from I Love Italia which I picked up in the autumn when we were staying with friends in Oxford.

A bottle of red is essential for me at Christmas and there are lots to choose from, many of the supermarkets are now labelling which wines are vegan but it is still a bit of a minefield. To check that your booze is vegan (lots of wines contain isinglass from fish, some contain gelatine and a few have milk in – maddening) look it up on Barnivore, it’s not comprehensive but most are on there are more are being added all the time.

Christmas isn’t Christmas without a mug of hot chocolate and this artisan hot chocolate from Chateau Rouge really hits the spot, especially when topped with some vanilla vegan marshmallows from Freedom Confectionery.

Chateau Rouge also come up trumps with some totally delicious spreads – you can see Fig Walnut here and a jar of Blackberry, perfect on toast on Christmas morn!

Divine chocolate is always top of my Christmas list so when I saw these Divine dark chocolate mint thins on display in my local wholefood store I snaffled them quickly! I’ve just had a peep at their website too and they are doing chocolate hampers – oh my!

Last, but not least, you can see a little tin of vanilla chestnut spread from Clement Faugier tucked away in the corner there, so useful for Christmas dessert making!

Indulgent vegan Christmas Hamper

Now we turn to the right hand side of the hamper – because I couldn’t fit everything into it! Fairfields Farm hand cooked Heat and Eat crisps are genius – they come in a microwavable bag so I have toasted crisps for my Christmas dips – I love this!

Everyone needs crackers at Christmas and these lovelies from Jacob’s are our favourites – we have them all year round, not just when we’re feeling festive. Choose from Sweet Chilli (I have to hide them if I want to eat any before my daughter gets to them) or Salt and Cracked Black Pepper, delicious and available in most supermarkets.

On the right you can see a little bottle of Zaytoun Olive Oil – I love cook’s ingredients in my hamper and this lovely extra virgin olive oil from Palestine is fabulous drizzled on hummus or just on its own on a piece of warm, fresh bread!

Perfect for nibbling as I wrap a few gifts, these dark chocolate coated, salted pumpkin seeds from Bean and Pod go down very well with a glass of that red!

Indulgent Vegan Food Hamper

And so, finally, to the left of our indulgent vegan Christmas hamper!

Thatcher’s Cider and I have worked together several times over the last few months so they sent me this lovely box of cider barn ciders as a Christmas thank you, three bottles of delicious appley-ness and all vegan!

Bean and Pod made their way even further into my heart with their dark chocolate honeycomb while Chateau Rouge cemented our relationship with some absolutely scrumptious teas for this tea loving family.

I have worked my way through more boxes of Lazy Day Foods’ Tiffin Selection which made my tum very happy. Each box contains twelve pieces of tiffin, four of each flavour. I was spoilt for choice with Cranberry and Orange, Belgian Chocolate and Rocky Road so, yes dear reader, I ate the lot!

Last, but very much NOT least – Vorrei Italian Food sent me a vegan panettone – heavenly! Now I just have to decide whether to eat it as it is, maybe dunked into that hot chocolate I mentioned, or to make it into a boozy Christmas bread and butter pudding – what would you do?!

Vegan Christmas Hamper full of indulgent treats

So there you have it, one indulgent vegan hamper. I also have vegan mince pies in my cupboard, vegan ice cream in my freezer, chutneys, sauces, pickles and spices in the larder and vegan cheeses, pâtés in my fridge. Can you think of anything I’ve missed?

I was gifted some of the products in this feature, the rest I have purchased myself because I wanted to showcase just how fab the vegan lifestyle can be and to do away with the myth that I’m doing without!

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